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Look out for Location in Fashion Photography

© munish khanna photography

Locations always play an important role in blending it all together. When shooting in a studio, it can never look as natural as it would look in an actual environment. For the model also there is a lot to do. Posing is a lot more easier and there is a lot to do for the model. There is something to hold on to, something to lean on to. While in the studio, the model is simply on her/his own unless there are lot of props as a part of the shoot.

These Fashion Photographs were shot at a Farmhouse in Delhi. There were two options available. One was a more high-end modern expensive resort kind of a place while this one was a bit rustic and more natural. The whole team including me decided to shoot here as there were lot of natural elements around. Something for the foreground and something else for the Background. A whole lot was happening.

A lot of Photographers simply look out for contrast in the photographs. It's good at times but not always. Contrasting colors may appear load at times. If an option is available I generally get more inclined towards positioning my model against similar colors.

Model - Kristy Reznikova Makeup - Leeview

After taking a lot of shots with the model riding the bicycle, went for a safe stationery shot as well. While taking fast moving shots, however careful the Fashion Photographer may be, there can always be chances that the image is a bit blurred, important detail in the outfit is not visible or clear. So it's good to shoot one safe shot as well.

Took this Photograph from a top angle. While shooting from top, one needs to be particular about the lens being used as a wrong lens can lead to distortion. Had to be on the terrace to be able to shoot her in the courtyard. Your requirements lead to certain postures. It was ofcourse important to show the sweater, hence asked the model to recline instead of sitting straight.

Twilight is the time of the day when one can get very good rich deep sky and Photographers simply love this time. It lasts just for a very short duration so one must shoot fast to capture the right tone in the sky before it gets too dark to be registered as blue.

Model - Tatiana, Makeup- Dilshad Ahmed Khan, Location- Tikli Bottom

Trucks jeeps and cars add to the rough and rugged look of the photograph. quite a few locations are available for hire where one can simply go and shoot over and around army trucks, vintage cars, scooters and bikes besides other interesting spots.

Model - Ronin, Agency - Aura, Location - Future Forward Studio

As we began the shoot, it was too hot and the sun was too harsh. Controlling the light was quite a task as the Models were quite fair and most the sweaters were quite dark. Well, not for long as suddenly the weather changed and it became quite over cast. Deep over cast sky has its own charm and as a good versatile photographer, technically one should be sound enough to overcome any challenges imposed by weather in Photography.

The natural wind blowing across played a vital role in the Photograph above.

I was expecting this place to be more of a park. I was told that its a farmhouse for weddings. When I reached the spot, for moment I was not sure as to where exactly we are going to shoot but as a Photographer, I have learnt during my career that it's very important to bring out the best out of limitations. And I must confess that photographs came out quite different and interesting in comparison to what could have been done in a regular boring park kind of an environment.

Palaces and Forts provide ample spots for shooting around. Sammy and another model were shot on location at Noor Mahal for a leading Knitwear company. Makeup by Dilshad Ahmed Khan.

Munish Khanna is a Delhi, India based fashion Photographer who shoots on Location besides shooting in his fully equipped Studio.


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