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Boudoir Photography Session by Delhi based Photographer

Most frequently asked questions.

what exactly is Boudoir photography?

In simple terms, it's a set of sensual and erotic photographs created for yourself for personal reasons or for a specific purpose.

Is it the same as Nude photography?

This is a more sensual and sexier version of photography. It is a blend of glamour and nudity.  There are no rules. You can do it the way you want it to be and the way you are comfortable. Remember, you are doing it just for yourself.


How much do I have to expose?

That's absolutely your choice and as per your own consent which can be discussed beforehand. The photographs are shot artistically with a play of light and shade. 

Does it include a wardrobe?

It's best to bring in your own stuff but we can help and suggest what you should bring and sometimes even provide you with some stuff. You may go for Lingerie, Bikinis and other such outfits.

How is it different from a regular Portfolio?

There is no difference as such except that this is more of Boudoir style of photography and you may usually be doing it for yourself.

Does one have to be in perfect shape?

Not necessary but many people opt for it when they are in good shape and the idea is to document the same for their own memories as they grow older.

What are the charges for Boudoir photography?

Kindly refer to the main Modeling portfolio charges. Opting for a Time-based package is usually a good idea.