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Mentorship Photography / Film Making course by Munish Khanna

The mentorship program or a guided Photography / Cinematography course as one may call it, is a unique platform to learn photography from a seasoned photographer who has been in the industry for the past almost three decades. This is a course where you can, not only learn from the very basics but also further develop your skills in the fine art of photography under the able guidance of a Photographer.

This is not a run-of-the-mill photography / cinematography course where you simply attend the classes and have to keep pace with others but this is designed in such a way that you can choose to learn the way you are comfortable with. It's a content-based training program that allows you to move ahead only as you gain confidence in your shooting skills. So whatever time, it may take, it is ensured that you are confident enough to face any situation in photography.

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When can I start this course?

Since this is conducted One to One, you have the option to join anytime as mutually discussed and decided.

How long is the course?

The overall length of the course is mutually decided based on your availability but you are enrolled as a lifetime student so you can come back anytime later as well if you are in a situation, you are unable to independently handle. 

When does the course finish?

As you join, we work out a schedule and proceed accordingly. Your training is over as you gain confidence in pursuing photography on your own.

Isn't it good to learn photography by interning under a photographer?

This is exactly what you are doing by joining this program. There are many good photographers out there but they may not always be good teachers as well. When you are interning under Munish in this mentorship program, you get to learn from a well-experienced creative photographer.

I already know photography, can we skip the basics?

As this is a content-based course, if we feel that you are well versed with the basics, we run through it at a faster pace as a strong foundation is most important at advanced levels.

How many students are there in one batch?

The classes are conducted one-to-one or in very small batches.

Will I get personal attention?

Yes, that's the whole idea of this particular photography / cinematography course.

What all is included in this Photography course?

Being a content-based course, your exact requirements are discussed and the course content is accordingly tailored to ensure that you gain all the knowledge and confidence to be a better Photographer.


How many classes are there in a week?

Being a customized program, all sessions are conducted based on mutually decided time schedules.


Are the classes Practical or theoretical in nature?

We try to achieve the right combination of both. Both kind of sessions are equally important.

Does this course include shoots with Models?

The shoots with professional models are not included in the fees but we can help you independently or in a group organize any kind of professional shoot in our studio.

Whom do we get to practice photography with?

The objective of this Photography course is to help you understand the lighting and other nuances of Photography. You can practice as much as you want in our studio under our guidance. 

Who teaches this course?

In the one-to-one sessions, you get to learn everything directly from Munish. To help build up your confidence he may ask you to handle some assignments independently but under his guidance and supervision.

Do you help with Placements?

While you are thoroughly guided to pave your career ahead, no institute can guarantee any kind of placements in creative fields as it all depends on your portfolio which you put together during your training.

What is the Fees of this Photography course?

The training cost is INR 66000 only.


Are there any additional costs involved?

The above-mentioned fees is the tuition fees and does not cover any optional expenses towards any modeling shoots which you may wish to include. These costs are totally optional and not compulsory to learn photography but these do help you put together your portfolio.

Which all genres are a part of the course?

Munish has had experience in a vast variety of genres so it's possible to cover different aspects of Photography. However, this particular course is more about the genres you wish to pursue. So it's important to discuss and plan the exact course content when you join this course.

Can I miss the classes?

Since these are not group sessions, you may coordinate and plan the schedule in such a way that you don't end up missing any class. Even in a small group, it is mostly possible to ensure that the dates and times are suitable to all.

Is this a Photography institute?

No, this is not a Photography institute in the strict sense but a place where you can learn photography under the guidance of a practicing well-experienced photographer.

Are there any other course options?

Yes, we do have regular group sessions as well as the online version of the same course. 

Can anyone join this mentorship photography course?

There are no restrictions in joining but you should have a good understanding of the whole concept which focuses just on bringing out the best in you, both in terms of creativity and technicality.

Can I have a trial class?

No, we do not provide any trial classes but you may join the online version of the course which is quite economically priced.

What all equipment is used in teaching?

The training program is designed in such a manner that you will be able to confidently handle any kind of equipment. Moreover, it's not just about handling a particular brand of equipment but thoroughly knowing and understanding how to use any kind.

Can I pursue a career in Photography after going through this course?

yes, you can and you will be guided and helped in building up your portfolio.

How will I get work after this Photography course?

While there is no fixed path to it, during your training, it is ensured that the standard of your work is the best of your capability and meets the industry standards. 

Does this course include Film making as well?

This is primarily a photography /cinematography course and since most of the SLRs shoot videos as well if you are passionate about film making we help you improve your cinematography as much as Photography. 

Will I be able to edit my photographs?

Editing is an integral part of photography but if you develop good shooting skills, you should be able to spend the least amount of time in editing your photographs. The idea of learning photography is to shoot good to begin with so that the rest is already in place. The objective of editing should be to enhance the photograph and not merely a rescue operation.

Will I be able to edit my films?

Yes, you will get the complete Know-how of how to edit your films /videos on Adobe premiere or any other Editing software.

Do you provide cameras ?

We use DSLRs for film making as well as Photography. 

Can I make my own film after doing this course ?

Filmmaking involves a lot of various departments and it totally depends on which area is of interest. We talk about Digital Cinematography, Direction, Lighting, Editing.


How much time is good enough to learn?

Being a customised content based training program, you can space out your sessions or choose to do things faster. Everyone is different and some people learn faster while others take longer to grasp things. This may also be a personal preference as when you spread out your learning, you gain more experience as well with time.

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