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Munish Khanna is a commercial photographer who has been shooting actively in various genres of Photography.

This include Fashion, Advertising, Automobiles, Food, Hotels and Interiors, Nudes, landscape, Travel and Street. Besides handling complex assignments, Munish has been teaching Photography to aspiring photographers from different parts of the world at his academy in New Delhi.  

with a professional degree in Applied art from the Government College of Art, Chandigarh, Munish moved on to explore more in Digital Photography in New York, way back in 1999. He was one of the first Photographers to introduce professional digital photography in India with advance cameras ranging from Phase one, Mamiya, Nikon and canon. 

If you are looking for a Professional photographer or Filmmaker to cover your creative requirements for your brand, you are at the right place.


fashion photographer in Delhi n.jpg
Advertising photographer in Delhi, india
Modeling portfolio in Delhi by munish Khanna

With a vast experience in Fashion Photography and his background as an artist, he specializes in bringing out the best in a new aspirant stepping into the world of Modeling, Advertising and Films. This is the place, where besides getting a good modeling portfolio worth the money spent, you will get complete guidance as well. The right place to get a Modelling portfolio in Delhi.

His passion to share his knowledge of photography led to the foundation of "Munish Khanna Academy", a simple yet one of the most effective places in Delhi to learn the fine art of Photography directly from Munish himself. The mentorship program in photography is a unique content-based course to learn photography. Today there are many well-known photographers across the world who started their journey in photography under the able guidance of Munish.

Today, we also have the online version of the course available for those who cannot attend the course at Uday park in New Delhi.


Munish has exhibited his works all over the world in various Photography exhibitions.

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Munish Khanna Photography

munish khanna photography CF044916 films
Hotel and resort photography n.jpg
Automobile photographer in Delhi, India. Interiors and exterior photography of cars an bikes by Munish Khanna
Lingerie photography in Delhi, India net.jpg
munish khanna food photography net.jpg
Boudoir photography in delhi
Art Photography by Munish Khanna
creative photography by munish khanna
learn photography by Munish Khanna
Wedding Photography in Delhi
Best Pre wedding Shoots in Delhi
Learn about Modeling in Delhi
















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