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We have two distinct Portfolio charges. One is based on the number of Looks while the other is based on the time involved. Not that one is better than the other but one may suit your requirements better.

 Charges based on OUTFITS

You pay for the Number of outfits/looks covered irrespective of the time

Recommended for new models when you need a good photographer to work on your poses and expressions to create a good portfolio

Suitable for full-fledged Portfolios when you want to target Modeling and casting agencies for work. 

Concentrated on getting good expressions and poses to finally shortlist and get limited number of photographs to be a part of your portfolio. Showing the versatility of looks is the priority.

Number of looks or changes is predecided but you can add the same as you progress.

 TIME based charges

You pay for the time involved irrespective of the outfits/looks covered.

Recommended for experienced models when you wish to update your portfolio and do not need specific guidance on posing and expressions as such.

Suitable when you just want to update images on social media or need photographs for yourself.

Concentrated on getting more are more photographs in different outfits within a specific time frame. Having more outfits covered is the priority.

Number of hours are pre-decided but you can add the same. There no restrictions on the number of changes of outfits or makeup and hair.