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Diya Singh- Modeling Portfolio

How do I start off ? Its simple, first of all fix up an appointment to meet so that everything can be explained and discussed in length. Also, I do not use standard formulas to shoot every one alike. Only after seeing you, i can judge best as to evaluate the best looks for you. Meeting beforehand also helps evaluate your potential and guide you plan your portfolio in best possible manner. You may call up at 9871020341 (or whats app) anytime to fix an appointment. If you are not based in Delhi, send in your photos or fix a skype chat.

What are the payment terms ? You need to pay 50% in advance to confirm the date. Rest of the fees is to be paid on the day of the shoot. You may make the advance payment online or issue a cheque in favour of " Munish Khanna ". You may drop the cheque for the portfolio at the Studio or at any of the ICICI bank drop boxes / branches.

What are the Cancellation terms ? If cancelled 15 days before the date of the shoot 90% of the total fees will be refunded back immediately. No refund beyond 15 days. If postponed 7 days before the date of the shoot, no additional charges. If postponed within 7 days 10% of the total fees will be charged extra.

How long will my photo session take? A complete portfolio generally takes up the whole day. Time for hair and makeup done at the studio is included in the photo session. It is a good idea to start as early as possible, say around 8 am or 9am. The make up may take about an hour or so. the actual shot thus starts around 10 or 11am. Starting early helps to wind up in time and also take into account any delays due to unforeseen factors.

How early should I book ? Earlier, the better. This helps you also plan everything smoothly. However, if available I can schedule the shoot at a short notice as well.

I only want a few photographs. Can i pay less and get lesser photographs? You are not paying for the number of photographs or looks. In fact you are paying for the photographers skill and experience to bring out and show your very best in your portfolio. The  Art and effort involved is almost the same even if the number of looks or photographs is less. However, to make things a little economical for you some special prices have been worked out for a mini portfolio and also for an extended one.

Do you guide the model during the shoot ? yes of course. Complete guidance will be provided during the shoot and all assistance will be given for posing and expressions. As the shoot goes on you are shown your pictures on a camera or a large screen, and suggestions given how best to improve the shots. Modelling Portfolios - you are wanting to become a Model, Your search ends here.


Are my photographs retouched on the computer? Once the final pictures are selected, these will be retouched and finished to look the best. There are no additional charge for this. Usually it is done to the extent that the photographs look natural and do not look too artificial. However, you have both the options. You also have the option to add more photographs to your collection.

Do you promote models? It's always my effort to promote my models. Moreover I prefer shooting with models I know are good. Anyways my best efforts are towards making a great portfolio so that your pictures speak out for you. You are guided to the right people in the industry for your promotion.

How many number of pictures will you be shooting ? The whole shoot is now a days done on high end digital cameras. This helps in shooting unlimited pictures without bothering about added expenditure of film and processing. You do not have to worry about the number of frames or number of rolls used anymore. Just concentrate on your looks.

Do I have to bring my own clothes? If you have a good collection, do bring it. I do have a complete wardrobe but it is always better to have more options open. However, you will have to bring your own  jeans, shorts, shoes, sandals or any other stuff which requires a specific fitting / size not available here.  All this can be discussed before hand and in certain cases, you may not need to bring along anything.

Can I choose the outfits ? Yes, you can. Alternatively, let us decide what will work best for you, but you still have the final word.

Do I get to select my photographs ? yes, Since there are a lot of photographs i generally shortlist the photographs and among this set you can further choose the best ones you like. this makes your work much easier. At the end of the shoot as well as during the shoot, we’ll look at your photos on a computer screen and talk about which images / looks /expressions work best.

How many pictures will I finally get ? As many as you want. But it is always good to have only the best pictures in the portfolio which are very strong in every aspect and do not show any flaws at all. The images should show the model in his/her best. The presentation CD or website could have more images but the prints should be restricted to about 10. It's all a team work. any picture where the model or the make up artist or the photographer are not up to the mark does not make to the final selection.

How much do I have to expose ? Thats absolutely your choice. It is not necessary if you are not comfortable doing so. Keep in mind the kind of work you are looking for. Your portfolio should reflect the same. However, if you get any such images shot, its not necessary that you have to show everything to your prospective clients. pallavi_00248pallavi_00248

I am not really slim, Is it possible to achieve that in Photoshop ? It is possible to do so in photoshop to some extend, however, its better not to manipulate the photographs in a manner which does not portray the real you. Small tweaking can be done but do not expect a drastic change. 

I do not have a good Body, Can I still become a model It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for character roles, a good physique may not always be needed. Meet me before hand and I can guide you better.

Should I join a Gym before getting a portfolio done ? Its good to have a good physique but you do not have to be a body builder. As long as you are fit, its perfectly all right, with or without a Gym. You are most welcome to meet up and discuss this aspect.

I am not tall, can I still become a model ? Yes, being tall is not the only criteria. Though it helps but its not a setback as there are so many options still open and your overall personality matters much more than just the height.

I am tall, and people say that I can become a model. As mentioned above, being tall is not the only criteria but yes, an added advantage. Have a good overall personality  certainly helps rather than just being tall. 

What are the different looks that are included ? Its not always necessary to do every different look. We can discuss and plan, what looks go best with your personality and what kind of work you intend to seek. some of the options are - Western casuals- jeans / shorts /tops etc , western formals / evening gown or a dress, Indian traditional - saree or a lehanga, closeups and beauty shots, Executive / Business look. Based on your fitness you may also go for sportswear or Lingerie / Bikini. 

Is modelling safe ? Its just as safe as any other profession. 

Can I bring along a friend or someone ? yes, certainly. However, bring along someone you are friendly with and not conscious of. Someone you are not uncomfortable posing in front of. Also, its fine to bring along one friend or at the most two but not a whole bunch !

Some people promise to promote ? what do you say ? One does not really need anyone to promote you as long as you have the talent. A good portfolio is your first step in the industry and decide the photographer on the basis of his/her work and do not link promotion with it. If you are good and if your portfolio is good, half the battle is already won. With the right guidance, you can promote yourself much better than anyone else.

Should I have my own website ? Its optional. You anyways get a page on my website " " For more visibility, you may go for a personal webpage with all details.

How will I know as to where all should I distribute my photographs ? You will get all the guidance and the details of the reputed modelling agencies and casting directors, both in Delhi and Mumbai. In case of any questions or doubts, you can directly get in touch with me any time later as well.

What are the steps I need to follow once I have the portfolio in hand.

Follow these steps once you have got your portfolio made. You portfolio in the form of Coffee table books

I just want to get the photographs for myself. Is it any different ? No not really. Its more or less the same except that you can get it done more in a manner you want it to be rather than what will work better in the industry. 

I am just getting it done for fun sake, Just to give it a try... Nothing works unless you give it your best. If you want to pursue modelling as a career, you need to be professional about it just as any other career. You need to put in your best effort towards your portfolio, to begin with as this is going to be your first impression in the industry.

Do you also do couple portfolios ? yes, you can plan out a couples portfolio and the prices are available here. This may be a post or pre wedding shoot or even years after you got married. well, or just as a couple even if you are not married. 































































Getting Married? Do check out "Together We Rock" Wedding Photographers

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Together We Rock was set up to put together some of the best wedding Photographers and Cinematographers in Delhi. With a vast experience in Commercial photography, be it fashion or Advertising, Interiors or Industrial, Food or Automobiles, I have been shooting all varied and different genres of Photography besides what I shoot for my own Photography exhibitions. Teaching and running Photography courses helps one understand and evaluate other photographers very well.

Wedding Photography requires a good team of Photographers, Cinematographers, Editors and album and film makers. As wedding photography was moving from more conventional ways of shooting to more interesting and candid styles of Photography, I decided to set up my own company of wedding photography to offer creative and modern photography to new and existing commercial clients. My own Photography students come from varied background and not all pursue photography as a career, many of them opting photography as a serious hobby along with their own professions. Picked up some of my own students who wanted to get into Wedding Photography and picked up a lot of new as well as well established free lance Photographers to work as a team. Besides freelancing for us, many of our photographers and Editors are now permanently employed with "Together We Rock".

our wedding photography company covers everything from the most basic but technically perfect traditional or conventional photography to the documentary style candid photography story telling of your wedding. The Cinematographers using one of the most advanced filming equipment, cover every fine detail of your wedding from outfits to decoration, from moments of fun to excitement both in a traditional as well as a cinematic manner. You not only get the full versions of your wedding but a crisp cinematic film as well. Do check out some of the wedding films shot by "Together We Rock" 

We cater to all kind of Budgets. Though we have a minimum starting price which we feel is very affordable for good wedding photography and filming that we offer, the package can be completely customised as per your budget and the talent added to the crew. Depending upon the venue size, number and flow of events, number of guests, location etc. we can advise you with the right options within your suggested budget.

Some of the frequently asked questions related to wedding photography 

How much does a pre wedding shoot cost?

Let's explore Pre-wedding shoots !

How to choose a Wedding Photographer !

What do you get in our wedding photography package?

Why should the same Photography team cover both sides.

Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

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Together We Rock is one of the Best known wedding Photography companies based in Delhi which is directly managed by Munish Khanna. TWR specializes in covering weddings in Delhi as well as Destination weddings around the Globe. 

Best gear for Portraits in Modelling photography

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Shooting a portrait of a Model, an Actor or otherwise a corporate leader, Celebrity or even a Bride, all involve one common target in the mind of the Photographer - To make their subject look great! And I did not mention the girl or the boy looking forward to getting married.

While how you shoot - The way you illuminate the subject, The angles you choose to bring out the best bone structure or the body contours, the tactics you use to bring out the best or in some cases, the relevant expressions, is important and the major part of making a good photograph, the equipment you use also plays a significant role.

Equipment alone cannot make a good photograph but yes it does aid and help in creating a good photograph.

You may choose to shoot in natural light or artificial, A full frame or a crop sensor camera, A DSLR or a Mirror less camera, Outdoors or in a studio or on location, with a zoom or a Prime lens...the list of decisions to be made before shooting a model, is endless.

With so much experience in shooting models for various magazines and fashion designers, I decide things mostly based on my Instinct.

The Camera - Unless, its a fashion or an advertising shoot, a medium format is not really required as the file sizes are too big and an aspiring model does not really need such large files. On the other hand, I do not like to use the crop sensor either. I always prefer shooting on canon 5d markIII which is working quite well for me and I have not really taken a step to change over. Many of my wedding Photographers at " Together We Rock", our wedding Photography company also use Nikon cameras besides Canon Cameras. With both the brands we get some great shots and it is more about the Photographer than the camera that matters more.

The Lenses - I use a mix of Zooms and Primes which shooting a model or a corporate profile. the selection of lenses also depends on the available space and what really is the objective. If I am looking for a nice Bokeh in the photograph, i may go for one of the lenses I have with an opened aperture. While it lets me shoot in low light situation, it helps balancing the light even while shooting at twilight with mixed available lights and a flashlight. pallavi_01060pallavi_01060

canon 50mm f 1.4


Miss Earth India 2016

Canon 24-105mm f4


Canon 70-200 F4 IS

Canon EOS 6D - 70-200 f4

On the personal front, I love to shoot with a 40mm pancake lens as it makes even a 5D Mark III quite portable and gives a bit more wider view as compared to a 50 mm prime.

Studio Lighting - As we also shoot automobiles and large interiors, we have a huge stock of Elinchrom lights with a whole lot of light modifiers. Though Broncolor and Profoto are great as well but have not really changed to any of these from Elinchrom.

Canon 5D Mark III - 70-200 f4 IS

On the other hand, while shooting Models and CEOs I generally do not use more than one light unless it's absolutely essential or I may use another light just as a fill.

These photographs have been shot with a single main light in the Studio.

Flash - While shooting outdoors I often add on a Subtle flash to fill in the shadows or the balance the light especially at twilight or for Bokeh at Night.

Canon 5D Mark III +50 mm f 1.4 with an off-camera external Flash

This interesting Composition of a Young couple for their Pre Wedding Shoot was clicked with 24-105 mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark III

The Bride was short lighted with external Speed light -RT 600 through remote trigger on Canon EOS 5D mark III with 24-105mm lens at f5. Flash works very well when not on top of the camera. With experience one can certainly understand the placement of Flash strobes and pre visualise the effect the light would have on the subject. Flash Lights are more portable as compared to the mains powered strobe lights. These are quite handy during weddings, be it during a formal setting for Bridal portraits or more on the go candid shots during the course of wedding events. 

Canon 5D Mark III  / 24-105 mm at 24 mm

It's not just the long telephoto lenses that bring out the subject by throwing the background out of focus but wide angle lenses can also be used in a very effective manner. The closer subject appears bigger in comparison to the background. Wide angle lenses do not always lead to distortion when used properly. 


Look your best as a fashion model

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© munish khanna photography 

Modelling unlike many other careers is based on aesthetics and is an industry driven by Beauty and Glamor. Appearance matters a lot here especially if you are aiming to be a fashion model. Beauty is not restricted to just the face but your over all personality plays a vital role in fashion ? ramp modelling. How you put across your personality is very important. You do not have to be stunning or spotlessly beautiful but if you have that charm and charisma, it instantly puts you in a higher bracket of success.

vlcc spavlcc spa On the other hand if you are aiming at being a successful advertising / commercial model or an actor, concentrate on your acting skills. You need to blend into the character you are playing and need to look natural rather than made up. Your beauty or figure does not matter in the conventional sense but matters a lot more because you are there for the shoot because of the way you look. Be yourself. Don't try to hide that extra fat. Because you were actually selected because of that. You feel your teeth don't look good but probably that's what made you fit in the character to begin with. Simply blend in.

The objective here in this advertising campaign for BlaBla cars was not about beauty or perfection but required the characters to look real life characters which general public, the prospective customers of this ride sharing service can relate to. 

On the other hand, as mentioned above, being a fashion model is all about playing a role model for someone. You need to be perfect and you need to maintain it that way. You can't afford to put on those extra kilos even in days when you are not shooting as you never know when you get a call for that assignment, you had always been dreaming about.

In fashion /ramp modelling, height and weight standards are much more rigid as compared to other genres of modelling. You can't change the body type you were born with but you can certainly stay fit. 

To the outside world, it may appear very glamorous. Not that it's not but there are strict rules to be followed and schedules to be maintained. If you need to report at 4am, it means 4 am no matter what. Unless you sleep early, you cant really manage that. You need to look your best, you can't afford to have puffy eyes or feel sleepy through out the tight schedule of the hectic day. be it a fashion show or a Fashion shoot, you need to look your best. 

Keeping yourself fit does not involve rocket science but following the very basics and following them very religiously. Regular workouts, controlled diet, no smoking and alcohol, priority to perfectly grooming yourself are some of the key element leading to being a super model.

Looking good and your best is only one of the tips to become a successful model and it's not a guarantee that your looks alone will make you a super model. It's always a win-win situation for models. You are anyways doing it for yourself. As early as you start concentrating on your looks, sooner you have the chances of making it big. So, don't get lazy about your appearance, get going and remember, you beauty and appearance is your most precious asset!

It may just be a close shot but since the model has maintained herself, you see the well chiseled cheek and collar bones, which will never really show with that extra fat.

As a Bikini / swimwear model, you you do not have the right figure, you will not be able to carry the outfits well and not amount of photoshop can do any justice to the photographs. 

munish khanna photographymunish khanna photography

Munish Khanna is a leading fashion photographer considered as one of the best and most versatile photographers in India. If you are looking forward to a career in modelling and acting, he is the right person to get in touch for guidance and your portfolio. You are at the right place, if you are planning to get your fashion collection photographed in a creative manner.

The rise of Boudoir Photography - Man's world magazine

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Interview excerpts from Man's World April 2018 issue on Boudoir Photography - Hot Shots : The Rise of Boudoir Photography by Cynthia Lewis

What drew you to this field?

It’s a derivative of Fashion, Nude and Modeling. These all involve humans. Probably the artistic interest in shooting Humans in their nude forms and the Photography exhibitions which followed created the category of Boudoir Photography on my website. A lot of people wish to be photographed like a model. A lot of people like to flaunt their assets but just for themselves or their loved ones.

Did you have any apprehensions about its feasibility as a business?

Since I am involved in a whole variety of genres, it does not really matter to me if Boudoir as one of the options in my photography portfolio works or not. As a standalone business option, I don't think India is ready for it as yet. On the other hand, as it grows, I do have the lead and the experience to take it forward.

What lessons did you learn from early shoots?

Not really from early shoots but early inquiries, I would say. One has to be careful before the shoot and the terms and conditions should be very clear. The outfits need to be discussed and most importantly the objective needs to be discussed. I do not earn my bread and butter from this category so I turn down a lot of inquiries, where I do not have the right feeling of proceeding ahead.

One gets an idea. Some would say, a model release is important, but it is meaningless when no one is going to see the images. Or when the face can’t be identified at all.

Who are the sort of people who usually do these shoots and why?

It can be any sort of people who can afford to pay for the shoot. The main reason to do it is for themselves for their own memory. They may not have the same figure in years to come so basically would like to document the way they look today. Many are not perfect but do have the confidence. Aspiring models, may add such looks to aim for certain categories in Films and modelling. In that case the reason is more of a commercial aspect.

I usually avoid getting into the details of “why” beyond a point. You never know if you are being told the right reason. Mostly it is for oneself only.

Do the grooms often join in?

Let’s not mix it with a Pre-wedding shoot kind of a scenario. Most of the couples have a lot of reservations. It will take years in India for Boudoir photography to blend with a photography session before marriage.  We are still very conservative or at least pretend to be for the world. Sometimes women go for it as an experience and sometimes it’s a mutual decision between a couple after the marriage.

Are there any concerns often that need to be addressed, on your part or the client's?

It’s very important to understand what exactly the client is looking for. If the expectations are not artistic in nature, the shoot is declined. Unfortunately, in India, there are clients who are at the extreme ends. Very few who can understand, that exposure can be subtle or more but still artistic in nature. It can be sensual without being vulgar.

Some would ask if there would be a female Photographer! Or How many people would be there! So, one needs to explain the technical aspects and that it’s all very professional. You either do it or you don't do it. Psychologically, in general, Husbands are usually fine if the wife is wearing revealing outfits or posing erotically but in front of a camera with a woman behind it. However, when women take a decision, it’s based more on the talent of the Photographer irrespective of the gender. 

What do you use to convey a sense of sensuality or create the right mood?

Light and the absence of Light works for me to create the right mood in a Photograph. I do not take it up if the basic understanding on this aspect does not exist. I am more inclined towards lowkey photography and shadows play an important role especially in case of Implied Nudes or a pure form of Boudoir. Next to lighting, it’s the body language that plays a key role. Accessories are next.

How different is India's boudoir photography scene from other countries?

It’s one of the major segments abroad while it’s still coming up very slowly in India and most importantly it’s very private, confidential and Anonymous in India. One can say it’s still very much a taboo to go for a Boudoir Photography session. Trust and confidentiality are major issues and for many people, eyebrows can be raised at a slight hint of flesh. Most importantly and unfortunately the whole character in our country is decided by the kind of clothes one wears. So, Boudoir Photography session if one has gone through remains as a hidden part of one's life and personality. Something one does only for personal reasons and not to put across on the social media.

Looking for a Pre Wedding Shoot?  check out our wedding Photography website. TOGETHER WE ROCK


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