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Ajay Rajgarhia (b. 1967) has always looked at life with a different angle. He listens to music, preferring lyrics to rhythm. And watches movies with a keen curiosity for the story not told….constantly searching for answers in endless books, lectures and spiritual study. There has to be more to this, is his common refrain.
One, which led him to study in the US, graduating in 1990.
Working in Investment Banking, then, quitting it all to start his own garment factory and working with names like Liz Claiborne, Buffalo, Talbots and Bono.
Big business. Big brands. Same question.
There has to be more to this…
A search that finally led him to seek behind the lens of a camera and explore the world with his inner eye.
Travelling with a restless energy on the streets, he is always looking for ‘that perfect moment’. Chasing after light and shadow, figure and form, man and nature… Ajay finds inspiration even in the mundane and forgotten!
He has had a solo show and has been a part of numerous group shows. His select works are part of private collections in India and abroad.
His commercial assignments include Art De Nox (Product), Timex Watchs (Interiors), Mismo (Restaurant – Interiors), The Oak Tree (Restaurant – Interiors), Aksh Opti Fibre (Industrial) and Nun (Girls clothing brand – product and interiors).
His select works are part of private collections in India and abroad.
A self taught photographer, Ajay is constantly honing his skills with a lot of reading and informal education in photography to increase his exposure to more moments, more photos and more creativity.
He has recently started working with Video Art. A creative decision to add to photography; to add moving images with sound to complete a story that perhaps, may be left unfinished with a still picture.
He is also the promoter of, India's first website dedicated to fine art photography and has curated photography shows for galleries such as Mystic Strokes, Pune, Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata, Mahua – The Art Gallery, Bangalore and Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai.