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       TELE PHOTO LENS      
  Typical characteristics

1.Shallow depth of field
2.minimum focusing distance is more
3.Lenses with opened apertures are expensive
4.Flattens the subject
5. Pincushion distortion
6. narrow angle of view compared to the human eye.
7. As the name suggests- able to see distant views.
With a telephoto lens one can go quite closer to the subject without causing any dostortion.  
Shallow depth off field of the long lens lets you highlight a certain area usually the eyes in a portrait.        
telephoto lenses have a very shallow depth of field, which is why it is very important especialy while shooting portraits of people, to focus on the eyes, unless you intentinally want to emphasis some other area. Depth of field of medium format cameras/ lenses is relatively lower thatn the small format camera so its beter to shoot on a slightly closed down aperture instead of fully opened up.  
  The long lens has flattened the perspective. The car on the road appears much closer than it actually is.  
  Although shot with a long lens in the studio, there is enough depth of field due to closed down aperture. moreover since the background is plain white paper backdrop, the effect of depth of field is actually not vissible.

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