View or Vision ?

Taking good photographs has more to do with a photographer’s vision than the brand of camera used. The time you spend shooting, reviewing, and digitally processing your photos plus the knowledge you have of your camera is worth more than buying and using expensive photographic equipment. Expensive digital cameras do have certain features that specific photographers need, such as high-speed shooting for sports photographers, but if you really want to improve your photographic success, learn how to shoot better. Learn to choose subjects that you are passionate

about. Understand and choose good shooting conditions. Determine your own photographic vision.

You also need time to shoot, study, edit, and wait. You may need to wait for better light, less

wind, or even for the subjects that you want to arrive. When conditions are good and you are ready to take pictures, you must know your camera well enough that you can start shooting immediately without fumbling with your camera. The exciting world of digital photography offers every photographer many benefits that make it easier, faster, and cheaper to learn to make excellent photographs more often than film ever did.

Better photos is, of course, a relative term. A great photo for grandma may be completely different than a great photo for a camera club. However, in this chapter, you learn what it takes to take better photos, regardless of the end use. You learn to recognize what it means to go beyond simply capturing subjects and finding images that you can be proud of.