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BOOK EARLY and SAVE ! we know, the wedding expenses can go very high. To help you save, we suggest that you book early with us. An early planning helps us reduce our costings and we can pass on the benefits to you ! Pay just 70 % of your total package price when you book 6 months or more is advance !  30% is just waived off. And you do not have to pay the full amount that early. Pay only the booking amount of INR 1,00,000 or as mutually discussed. Calculate the price and reduce 30 % over and above the reductions of booking early in the price calculator

MUSLIM and CHRISTIAN weddings - we would love to add Muslim and Christian weddings to our portfolio. our team members have shot Muslim and Christian weddings independently but not as a part of Together we rock. So they are very well versed and experienced with all rituals and ceremonies. Since we would love to include weddings from different cultures, we would be pleased to offer 30% off our Assignment charges.

DESTINATION WEDDINGS - No additional charges when Booked well in advance. You pay same as you would have paid in Delhi NCR !

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Our Dreams always had wings, we added them to our cameras as well. with all packages exceeding a total value of INR 1,50,000/- Aerial photography is included absolutely at not additional cost !

ONE COFFEE TABLE BOOK with all packages exceeding a total value of INR 1,50,000/- one Coffee table book worth INR 20,000 is included absolutely at not additional cost !

ONE CANVAS PRINT 24"x36" worth INR 10,000/- with all packages exceeding INR 100000/-


Terms and conditions -

1. The final discounted price will reflect in the final payment.

2. Two offers cannot be clubbed together.

3. Products or features offered as offers cannot be redeemed as cash.

4. For Destination weddings, expenses towards travel and accommodation are borne by the Client.