Look around the subject to add more

While some subjects may only merit a single shot, others deserve more attention – particularly if you have traveled far to a location, or have had to wait for the right conditions. One of the simplest ways to create a different composition from the same subject is to walk around it. Not only will the lighting on the subject change, creating a different balance between highlights and shadows, there will also be a major impact on the composition. Even if the subject remains relatively unaltered as you move around it, the foreground and background may change radically. A distracting background behind a person can be made to disappear, simply by moving a few steps to one side.

With a wide-angle lens, it is the foreground that offers the greatest scope for visual variety. All manner of things, such as people, flowers, rocks, and gateways can be used to fill the lower part of the frame, providing counterpoint or balance to the main subject.