I have long been running photography courses in Delhi catering to people around the world who have benefitted from the way I have trained them and helped them bring their skills to a higher level.

The idea of this online Book is to take it a step further and let a lot more people benefit out of my training program. Courses are good but you need to devote a lot of time to them and be in that particular city. Books certainly contain a lot of information but they do not ensure that you have really understood what has been explained. Feedback and interaction are extremely important for any kind of learning. But isn't practical learning better ?  yes but not without understanding it properly. You may have a lot of practical experience but it does not help if it is in the wrong direction.

To resolve all these issues I decided not to develop this training program around a single platform and thus included descriptive tutorials, explanations, diagrams, photographs, demonstrative videos, videos of actual photography shoots along with final photographs and an option to discuss and ask your questions and get your photographs evaluated, all together to enhance your skills. 

The tradition of Lifetime membership continues with the online course as well. No content is ever complete and as I continue to add more and more information, you can refer back to it whenever required or when ever you face a problem, simply ask a question, which will be answered back promptly.

I am sure you will enjoy going through this online guide and it will be a pleasure to see you grow with your talent.

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