Leave more space in front of the subject

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In this photograph of the kid with his mother, the "more space" is in front of them. The mother is kind of bending towards the kid, had to wait for a while to get the right shot.

Opposite to the photograph above, the "more space" is in front of the scooter rider towards the camera. The tracks of the tram are also working as the leading lines taking our eye towards the subject or in other words one can say, giving more flow and direction to the subject. Again compared to the shot above, such shots have to be very spontaneous and need to be taken very fast just at the right moment.

There is less space in front of the subject and the viewer's eye tends to move out of the frame. As there is more space in front of the subject, the direction in which he is moving, its leading the eye as well in the same direction. Both photos by Gautam Pyarimohan


Canon EOS 5D Mark III50 mm1/60 at f/13Not fired, compulsory mode0 EVAperture priorityISO 100Pattern

Do not follow the rules blindly. There is less space in front of the boy but then he has turned the face towards the camera. Had he not done so, the image would not have looked appropriate but in this case its perfectly all right. 


similarly in the photograph above, had the man not turned the face into the camera, the image may have looked odd.