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Founded by Advertising and Fashion photographer Munish Khanna, the concept of Munish Khanna academy is to provide complete and thorough training in photography and full support not just while the course is going on but for a lifetime. This is probably the only course which is based on the contents and not just the duration. Which means, making you a photographer is a commitment, whatever time it may take. It is not a training program, where you need to bother about, how many sessions you have attended and how many you have missed out. In the unlikely case that we are unable to make you understand a particular topic, we would continue with the same, till you are confident. So, you may cover up the course contents at a faster or slower pace as per your own capabilities. You may chose to cover up the training within a few weeks or space it out over a few months. It all depends on the number of hours you can devote everyday. .The number of students is also restricted in one group, enabling individual attention. In the success of our students lies our success. So, go ahead and unleash your passion for photography. Broadly speaking the training involves the following parameters during your lifetime membership. DIRECT TRAINING-Learn directly from Munish through his practical and interactive sessions at the academy, join any session at your convenience in accordance with the calendar. Keep moving ahead as you cover various stages. ONLINE KNOWLEDGE BANK-Whenever in doubt refer to the online book Light on Photography written by munish. the online book includes everything you need and nothing that you don't. simple to understand, the online book includes photographs, complete technical and aesthetical information, tutorial films, behind the scenes coverage etc. with this source around you don't need any other book to put light on photography! ONLINE INTERACTION - Feedback and interaction is important. Besides direct discussions with Munish at the academy you are always in touch through this online forum on flickr. Post images and questions and get comments and answers directly from Munish. This is where you have the online calendar informing about the day to day class schedules at the academy Munish Khanna academy -55 uday park, New Delhi-49. Tel 9871020341 email-

Basic- 20 sessions- completed within 2 months - Rs. 25000/- More about basic photography. Makes you confident in handling you camera and most of the photographic situations. Includes about 11 presentations, 5 Practicals and 4 tutorial films. If you do not have a camera as yet, buy it within the first few sessions after discussing the options. After completing the course you may opt for the advance course to further pursue photography as a profession or a serious hobby. However, the basic course as well is self sufficient and brings in you a lot of confidence in handling your shoots.
1. basics 2.basics B 3.lenses 4.exposure 5 outdoor pract A park opp academy
6 dvd sports A 7dvd nikon B monument-humayuns tomb- 9 light-A 10 light-B
11 composition A 12 prac monument 13 evaluation A 14 composition B 15 pract on location
16 Flash A 17 flash B (dvd) 18 Filters 19 Chasing the light 20 evaluation/submission
21 optional Flash C practical (in case students have an external camera flash)
Munish Khanna Academy Advance course-up to 80 session spread over about 6 months. This specially designed course structure takes you through the Advance stages of photography learning process in a step by step manner. Includes just the right amount of studio and outdoors Practicals, presentations, ticks and techniques along with the exclusive tutorials, to help you develop the balance between the art and science of photography. The course enables you to develop your own portfolio with professional models. As the fee structure does not include the expenses towards hiring the models and other services, it lets you add as much as you want towards your portfolio. These expenses are shared amongst the students on actual basis. Also, the course does not restrict you to participate in more of such shoots. studio and outdoor lighting tutorials 30 sessions Advance Studio practicals- 45 sessions
Studio lighting tutorials 20        
portrait lighting techniques bobbi lane-Photographing cars- fernando escovar and earl crowe 1indoor lighting james schmelzer 45 mins 2 Light like a pro jerry day- 22:14 elinchrom- studio lighting-joe craig photoflex lighting lessons photoflex product demos
Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 1 Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 2 Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 3 Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 4 Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 5
Studio lighting- 6 dvds /12hours part 6 1.Portrait lighting 6 dvds /12hrs- 2 Portrait lighting 6 dvds /12hrs 3 Portrait lighting-6 dvds /12hrs 4 Portrait lighting-6 dvds /12hrs
5 Portrait lighting-6 dvds /12hrs 6 Portrait lighting-6 dvds /12hrs hollywood style lighting Mark Daughn lighting 101 Quantum flash photography
Outdoors lighting tutorials 10        
The war photographer-james nachway national geographic- through the lens national geographic- photographers Tony Sweet's Visual Literacy 270 minutes Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs
Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs Outdoor lighting 6 dvds / 12 hrs
Studio Practicals 35        
Portrait lighting demonstration Portrait lighting practical 1 Portrait lighting practical 2 Shooting with one / multiple lights furnishings/fabrics etc
Product 1 general Product 2 cosmetics/perfumes Products 3 reflective Product 4 jewelry Product 5 watches
Food 1 (tea time snacks pasteries) Food 2 (cold drinks/wine/beer) Food 3 packaging How to shoot -paintings-practical Product 6 shoes / sandals
general guidelines 1 Location lighting guidelines 2 Food guidelines 3 Product guidelines 4 Fashion guidelines 5
Fashion 1 Fashion  2 Fashion 3 Modeling portfolio # couples-volunteers required Kids volunteers required
Do it yourself DIY 1 DIY 2 DIY 3 Interiors 1 Automobiles Bikes
smoke photography splash photography Photoshop 1 Photoshop 2 Photoshop 3
Pro Model Shoot 1* Pro Model Shoot 2* Pro Model Shoot 3* Pro Model Shoot 4* Pro Model Shoot 5*
Evaluation 1 Evaluation 2 Evaluation 3 Evaluation 4 Evaluation 5
Outdoor Practicals 5        
day for night effect street photography Practically understandingNatural light outdoor Practicals outstation/outskirts trip ^
  1. DIY-You get studio time to shoot on your own, any subject of your choice for any amount of time. You may discuss the concept and time slot beforehand for better planning and execution.
  2. *PMS-Paid Pro Model Shoot- the actual expenditure is divided amongst the participants. estimated cost with model and makeup artist is generally not more than rs. 2000-2500 per head for about 1.5 hour slot. Everyone shoots independently.
  3. # modeling portfolio- the cost towards the model and makeup artist is split amongst the participating students. Everyone gets to shoot under guidance.
  4. ^ The Trip cost is on actual expenditure basis and is optional. However, to cover for the time and training during these trips a small amount is added to everyones cost which is generally about 10% of the individual trip cost.
  5. The fee does not cover Pro model shoot expenses, expenses incurred towards your studio slots for products/models etc or any other exhaustable material required during the practical sessions.
  6. The topics are not mentioned in the sequence these will be taught. Most of the topics are independent of one another and are scheduled in accordance with certain factors.
  7. These topics are indicative. while the course proceeds, certain topics may be added or altered as per the requirement of the students.
  8. the Film tutorials are internationally sourced and not available online.
  9. Almost all the sessions are conducted by munish khanna. However, at times certain sessions may be conducted by others who specialize in those areas or are specially trained to teach those topics.
  10. For the expenses, you need to maintain a deposit of Rs.5000/- with mka which is adjusted as the expenses are made. Besides the course fee, all payments are towards the actual expenditures without any profits.
  11. Except for the camera all other equipment is available for use in the studio
  12. Besides the mentioned classes/topics, you will be required to undertake assignments and are expected to shoot on your own as well besides the time you spend at the academy.
  13. For this course you are expected to know the basics of photography