Munish Khanna Fashion Photography | instructions


for class / shooting videos

1. Keep wider frame so that it is clear what is going on. It should clearly show the position of model, photographer, assistants and lighting.

2. Do not CUT the shots. Take longer shots so that the progress of the shoot is clear. when you cut, cut after where you wish to cut. Take LONGER shots

3. understand what is going on. Listen ! and be aware of whats happening. Once again wider and longer shots.

4. Change camera angles. do not cut and change camera angles but for every sequence you could have a different but good camera angle.

5. NO CAMERA SHAKE. use tripod / monopod as much as possible. shoot hand held only if there is no other option.

6. strictly no close shots of the models ! Thats what I am doing. your task is to document behind the scenes.

7. Try to shoot not so obvious shots. Fun moments, makeup, praparing / setting up the lights / camera. Anything not directly related.

8. set the white balance on Auto. If you change be very careful to set it to the right white balance as and when there is a change in the lighting.

9. No continuos zoom in zoom outs. do not continuosly repeat path. like dont keep panning the camera left to right and then right to left and again left to right. Keep a constant frame as much as possible, showing and including everything.