Colour or Black and white ?

What a question? When I was in New York City, I realized that you cannot convert every photo into Black & White. There are photos which look much better in color. But if you ask people, there are always some who only like Black & White. It was a difficult decision, because your portfolio will look different when you mix color with B&W. I’m wondering if this is just a phase or if this will remain? When you compare the photo below to the one on the next page, which one do you like better…?

Is street photography B&W only? I'm wondering why I should convert a photo into B&W, when there are strong colors making a photo even better. One thing is that a lot of people think, street photography is B&W only. I don’t think this is the case. The other thing is that you should have your own style and then you may not mix up with colors. How does it look on your website when there is color and B&W and color and... For me this is a pretty difficult situation. Maybe I have to decide how I should go forward in my career as a street photographer. Should I just publish B&W no matter how it looks? Or should I start sharing color work only? At the moment I decide by photo, if it will be color or B&W. When you compare the photo below to the one on the previous page, which one do you like better…?

It’s your decision In the end it's you who decides about the style of your photos and not to listen to other people's taste. A personal style is also a personal taste and a personal way of processing. You either take your photos for the crowd or you remain yourself. When this is matching, then it's perfect. But since I take my photos for me and not for the crowd, I will probably decide on each and every image ad hoc, if I should make it B&W or not. A Style is changing In street photography there are no rules. So it's on you to make your photos as you like them and hopefully your followers will like them as well. If not, stay on the bus and keep doing what you are doing as you do it just for you. If you are feeling about color, make it in color. If you are feeling good about color, make it in color. If you are feeling better about B&W, make it in B&W. When I look at the photos I have taken so far, my style has changed already several times. Maybe this is just a style changing moment and I will answer the question "Why do you shoot in color?" in my next interview with "I was in New York City, thought about it and decided not to shoot in B&W anymore..." Try it out At the end of the day you have to try it out. Try to focus on matching colors on the street next time. At least in such a situation you don’t have to decide about B&W anymore. You should not limit your view on B&W. There are so many colors out there and there might be a change in street photography to go towards color. It will be different, but we have to use the advantages of today’s technology to capture life in color. Keep shooting in color Sometimes people ask me, if my camera is setup to shoot in B&W. Don’t do that as you can never go back to color. Always shoot in RAW, which is in color. Then you have all the choices and the best base to process your photo. I know that it uses a lot of disk space, but you have to keep only the best 5% of your photos. When you delete the rest, it’s not too much of space wasted. Be hard on the selection It’s important that you are hard with yourself on the decision which photo you will keep and which ones you have to delete. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. At the beginning it might be hard to get really good shots, but after a certain time, it will be easier to delete 99% of the shots of one day.