The Tools of the Trade chapter describes several different lighting setups, and each produces a different end-result. Case in point: Different lighting setups produce different types of reflections in a subject’s eyes.

Be aware of those reflections, because a reflection in the eyes (also called a “catch light”) can add or detract from a photograph.

Here, the reflections add a nice touch. But reflections can look weird. For example, if you are using three lights, and those three lights show up as three different spots in the subject’s eyes, the result will be distracting.

Reduce the size of reflections in a subject’s eyes by moving your lights further away from the subject. And you can control where reflections show up by changing the position of the light(s) or the angle of a subject’s face.

Here are four examples of different types of reflections (clockwise from top left): 60-inch reflector, square softbox, one umbrella and reflector, and beauty dish.