This is what good wedding Photographers must keep in mind

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Wedding Photography is quite a challenging task contrary to what people generally think. It's not about just picking up a camera and reaching the venue to shoot some photographs. Planning and a lot of hard work is required to get good wedding images. 

Know your equipment well. Shooting weddings is a lot more like shooting on the street except that here you can mostly anticipate what is going to happen next. Not all the time though as many a times, there are unexpected twists in the way the events unfold. However, If you know your equipment well, you are faster at dealing with unexpected changes in the way you need to cover the events. 

Plan ahead. In weddings, you generally know how things would proceed ahead. It's a good idea to know and understand the rituals if you or your team has not photographed the weddings of a particular faith or religion. A Muslim wedding may not be same as a Sikh wedding. A Hindu or a christian wedding on the other hand have entirely different flow of rituals. It's important for the young couples about to get married or their parents to book good photographers early, well in time.

It's a teamwork. One photographer, however good he or she may be at shooting weddings can't possibly cover the whole wedding alone especially when the scale of the wedding is too large. There is too much going on at the same moment for one photographer to cover. Proper planning and a detailed discussion with your client helps here. One can plan the size of the Photography and videography team accordingly.

Coverage is as important as getting good shots. You are not there as a wedding photographer to get some good shots just to show off on social media or your own profile. It's also a responsibility to cover the even well. Take images of as many people as you can. It's the people who are the face of the wedding. If you cannot possibly cover everyone, make sure that you cover the key family and friends for sure. 

Strike the right balance between conventional and candid Photography. If you are a good wedding photographer with a good understanding of what is creative candid wedding photography, you can do justice to the task you have been entrusted with. Candid photography is not just about taking pictures of people not looking into the camera. It's more than that. It's all about looking at the whole scene with a creative eye and to release the shutter just at the right moment conveying the whole mood of the situation.

Shoot discreetly but do not miss the shots. You do not have to be too prominent while taking pictures but at the same time do not get lost as well. be there and be in command. Especially in Big fat Indian weddings, you may also need to play the role of the master of the ceremony at times when things get too chaotic.

Follow the Brief. understand what your client, be it the couple or the parents, are exactly looking for. remember, You are not shooting only for yourself. You need to do it the way they want it. You need to deliver the kind of results they are looking for. Ofcourse, you are on the same page as your client that's why they have hired you, but be very clear to understand their requirements. When you meet the very first time, you should be able to get an idea about their expectations from you. If your style of wedding photography does not fit their requirement, it's best not to go ahead with the project instead of not being able to deliver the right results. It does not mean that you are not a good photographer, but simply that your tastes do not match. 


Pre-wedding shoots are perfect opportunities for the couple to know each other better and of course for the Photographer to know the couple better. It lets the Photographer know the strength and weakness of the couple in terms of posing and expressions. Also, the couple gets more comfortable with the team of Photographers and videographers who are going to shoot them.

Paid locations can be a good option for pre-wedding shoots. Shot at Hobbiton Shooting location in Delhi, the couple is quite comfortable posing in front of the camera for their Pre-wedding shoot. Had this been an actual beach, it would have been too crowded to shoot.  

We at " Together we Rock " have our own well equipped studio, where one can put together complete Pre-wedding shoot without having to pay for a "Paid location" It's always better to shoot the couple before the ceremonies while they are fresh and excitedly looking forward to the event. If you have planned well, you can achieve excellent shots in very less time. make the best of the available situation if time is less rather than losing that time in shifting elsewhere. Same goes for shooting the Brides. During the Hindu or Muslim weddings, the couple comes together only much later during the wedding. It's a good idea to have two different teams of wedding photographers and videographers to be there with the Bride and the Groom who are at different locations.

Wedding films are another area where good clarity between the couple and the cinematographer is very important and plays a significant role in getting good results.      Clips from different Pre Wedding shootsTWR is one of the Best Known team of Wedding Photographers who specialise in Pre Wedding shoots as well besides complete candid and cinematic coverage of Weddings in Delhi and Aboad.

Cinematic wedding film by together we rock Wedding Highlight - Aman and Sonam Do check out more cinematic wedding videos.


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