Background is as Important !


You can have backgrounds of different colours or use gels to change the colour of the background. Changing the colour also changes the mood of the photograph.

Keep as many different backgrounds and gels in hand as you can afford, because you’ll need dark and light, soft and strong, and textured and solid backgrounds to create different effects for your shoots.

When working with backgrounds, it’s often a good idea to use what’s called a separation light— one that’s pointed at the background to provide some separation between your subject and the background. Alternatively the light could be pointed towards the subject to create rim lighting and thus a separation from the background.

Understand the influence of backgrounds in terms of colour, texture, light and sheen. This in effect will convey the mood of the overall image.

The Background is not restricted to the literal background. The model is lying down and obviously the straws behind her make the background. I started off with a blue bikini but since the color was standing out too much, changed to the pink colour which is more subtle against this background. This shifts the viewers attention to the eyes/ face instead of a stronger colour.

Simple patterns on the background make a plain simple background more interesting. Its the same Grey background in both the photos above with different patterns. While there is more contrast in the maroon dress, the dress in black although subtle stands out as well, while keeping the face prominent. 

It's a single light with a Beauty dish which is lighting up the model as well as the pink background. The tone of the background depends on the way the light is falling on it and how much is falling on it. Pink is a bright colour but as less light is reaching has been rendered deeper. Directional light works well to reveal detail in intricate lingerie especially white.