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Anidra, who hails from the Northeast, is a wanderer and has dabbled in a number of professions. Essentially a dreamer, the visual media in general and photography in particular moves him. It gives him wings while still rooted to his planet.
He remembers fiddling around with a point & shoot film camera with great pride during his school days. Over the years, despite many changes, photography remained an essential part of his life. His camera & his books still remain his best friends.
However, after buying a DSLR in 2008, the former has gained preference over the latter. A recent photography scholarship by renowned photographer Munish Khanna has provided the necessary impetus to his passion. He hopes to take up photography as a full-time profession someday. Currently a journalist, his dream is to walk the earth, unravel mysteries and bind cultures through this medium.

Atul Aggarwal, hailing  from a business family, has had his share of the high life.
In 2007 life made a calling when he and a few other friends had travelled to the “valley of flowers” in Uttaranchal.
Everyone was interested in just taking photographs and he was busy guzzling his beers.
He did not even own a camera and had no knowledge how to use one either. But upon the insistence of a friend he started taking some on the spot lessons and started shooting...
Life had changed.....He immediately enrolled with the “munish Khanna academy” to learn the technicals and fine tune his skills that seemed to come naturally.
Photography is an attitude and has to flow from your mind into your heart and the fingers just merely follow the instincts.
Its something  that needs no direction as wherever you go you will find something beautiful to picture. Atul has an unmistakable eye for fashion owing  to his urban upbringing, a keen power to observe his surroundings and a positive attitude. He is loaded with immense endurance to do the most challenging feat it requires to photograph. He lives in delhi with his wife and daughter and is now a full time professional photographer.

Like most, Deepti Verma spent most of her life getting education and making a high-paying corporate career. This MBA in Marketing & International Business has nomads blood in her streams. A creative person by nature she could never adjust with books and always had multiple hobbies on the side, ranging from amateur DJ to Fashion Designing. After working as a road-warrior Sales Trainer for three years she finally calls quit to be a homemaker. Like an electron she is vibrant with energy and never settled.

It wouldn't be until early 2009 when she finally clears her lens to sees in sharp focus where her talent and interests converge. In her darkest hour she finds recluse in photography. Like the sun pushing out of an eclipse she sees her diamond ring in the flashes coming out of Munish Khanna's Studio. In the able hands of Munish Khanna, this weekend photographer is slowly dawning at the horizon.

Hemant Sud is a leading interior designer

A native of Gurgaon Inder Makkar got his start in photography as assistant to legendary Fashion photographer Munish Khanna. Upon venturing out on his own in Sept. 2009, his first assignment was a concept shoot The Dark Rose.

With the characteristic variety of mood and tone so evident in his recent fashion work. His photographs organically combine the sensitivity and vulnerability of his subjects with his ability to bring out their often uninhibited and gregarious personalities.These photographs will always be remembered, as the future photographs remain to be made.
As a catharsis, Inder Makkar is also deeply inspired by what he calls his "soul cleansing" personal works. Inder got a hawk eye in fashion as well, which has won lot of praises all over.

Prashant Bhardwaj, an IT services Consultant by profession, excels in street and people photography, and loves to put his camera to good use by working with the Development sector in Rural or Urban India. His travel blog can be reached at and the latest effort for child rights and education @

Sagarika, a civil servant by profession rediscovered life a year back while romancing with her canon 50D. her zeal for life n love for photography leaves an indelible impression in each of her photographs.