Munish Khanna Fashion Photography | test1
  1. 1.Exposure is a combination of _____________and ____________at a given _____
  2. Image stabilization of Nikon is called __________________
  3. Higher ISO leads to __________shutter speeds but also higher____________ levels
  4. Mirror in a SLR camera is angled at ________degrees
  5. Name four metering modes - a)______________________________b)___________________________________c)______________________________d)___________________________________.
  6.   Depth of field is directly proportional to __________________________
  7. If the correct exposure is 250th of sec at f8. what will be the exposure so as the image is underexposed by 2 stops.
  8. If the correct exposure is 250th of sec at f8. what will be the optimum exposure so as freeze a very fast moving subject.
  9. Does tripod take care of subject movement____________________ (Y/N)
  10. Full form of TTL___________________________
  11. Full form of ED____________________________
  12. Full form of CF________________________and SD_______________________
  13. Bigger _________________size generally has more__________________range.
  14. Name the two filters very commonly used in landscape photography___________________________and___________________________
  15. There are two types of tripod heads______________________________and______________________________
  16. colour temperature for day light is  5500k or 3200k or 6000k
  17. Panning is the vertical or horizontal movement of the camera?
  18. Bellows are used for ___________________photography
  19. More the _______________________of the flash -more is it’s intensity.
  20. Dodging will make the image______________________
  21. Shifting the exposure compensation dial towards plus will allow__________________light to enter.
  22. Image quality of a lens is better in the ______________compared to _____________
  23. EFs lens can be used on a full frame camera True / False
  24. Long lenses have__________________________distortion while short lenses have __________________________________distortion
  25. __ __ __ __ e  lenses are generally better than __ o__ __ lenses
  26. At iso 50 the correct exposure is 500th sec at f 11. what will be the correct exposure at iso 800? Give two options ___________________or ____________________
  27. What is the right exposure for a portrait being shot at 10.45 am on the 6th of december 2011.
  28. Metz manufactures camera. true or false? If false then it is known for ____________
  29. The Minimum flash synchronization speed is _________________
  30. Fish eye lens is an extreme _______________angle lens.
  31. Name three colored filters used in BW photography ________________, __________________and ____________________
  32. If the aperture is opened up the depth of field ____________________
  33. Depth of filed is equally distributed behind and in front of the subject. If false how is it distributed___________________________________________________________
  34. Directional light often leads to ________________contrast
  35. Name one cold colour________________ and one hot colour______________
  36. During manual exposure, the focusing must be set to a)manual b)auto c)any
  37. A tight face shot of a beautiful girl on a beach should be taken with 200mm lens or 20mm lens?
  38. Any three rules of composition in photography__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  39. Outdoors these can be used to reduce contrast in a picture

         __ __ __ s __ ,    ___ e ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

  40. When the sunlight is too bright it is advisable to shoot at a higher shutter speed. T /F

  41. switch to manual mode if you are unable to get a shutter speed above 1/60th sec T/F

  42. match the following
    Manfroto fashion
    Helmunt newton Partial
    normal Hasselblad
    SLR mirror
    lenses bags
    carl zeis 50mm
    exposure tripods
    landscape hoya
     kata neutral graduated
    filters Tamron

    Match the names in the first column with those in the next column

  43. Inverse square law ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  44. When shooting against the light the subject is likely to be _____________ exposed

  45. Bigger sensor size has a better _________________range
  46. ________________the soft box, softer is the light.
  47. Light rays coming from a far off distance are assumed to be ________________to one another.
  48. Depth of field is _____________________in macro photography
  49. Round out of focus highlights in a photograph are called __________________
  50. Horizon should always be at 15 degree angle in a landscape but less slanting in a portrait T/F
  51. when resizing a photograph in any software it is a good idea to constrain proportions - T/F
  52. what is the minimum ideal shutter speed to be used with a 500mm lens___________________
  53. A color related lens defect is called_______
  54. Curvature related lens defect is called_______
  55. Exposure is directly related to white balance T/F why?
  56. RAW vs. JPEG vs. TIFF___________________
  57. Difference between film and sensor________
  58. Butterfly lighting is when light is placed_____
  59. Broad lighting
  60. Short lighting
  61. Rembrandt lighting
  62. Burst mode
  63. Ring flash
  64. Pixel, Grain and Noise
  65. Extension tubes and tele convertors
  66. 18% grey card
  67. For a shot taken of a woman wearing white clothes, on a road side at twilight, what should be the shutter speed at f8?
  68. What should be the shutter speed if the same shot is being taken in the afternoon?
  69. Light painting
  70. Lighting ratios
  71. Incident light metering
  72. Quality of light is effected by the change in aperture or shutter speed. T/F why?
  73. What is the impact of Red filter in a Black and white picture of a Red rose?
  74. Leaf shutter -Focal plane shutter
  75. Lens quality is best towards the edges of the glass T/F
  76. expand- LCD, ISO, JPEG, LED, CF, SD, RC, CMYK,
  77. Foot candle / lux,
  78. Silica gel,
  79. flicker,
  80. flat,
  81. deflection,
  82. defragmentation,
  83. Hot swappable,
  84. primary colours,
  85. shutter lag,
  86. focusing scale
  87. Exposure factor
  88. Snell's law
  89. slide duplicator
  90. thick- thin
  91. Zone focusing
  92. Hue-saturation-tint- color cast- tone
  93. Sabattier effect
  94. Time lapse - time lag
  95. Red eye
  96. Photogram
  97. Depth of field preview
  98. Dynamic range
  99. Circle of confusion
  100. Catch light
  101. CCD-CMOS
  102. Bunsen roscoe law- reciprocity failure
  103. Fall off
  104. Fast
  105. Hyperfocal distance
  106. lens speed
  107. Latent image
  108. infrared
  109. histogram
  110. ghost
  111. KISS