Now earn as you learn photography

Monthly scholarships

Get a credit of Rs. 500/- for one excellent quality photograph selected out of your submissions every month. If you maintain good standards of photography you may get Rs. 6000/- credited to your account in one year. The selected images will also be featured on the academy website.

Upload your images here-

Terms and conditions-

  1. To be eligible you must have paid the fee in full. In case you are paying in installments you can certainly participate but maybe able to encash the credits only after fee account is settled.
  2. The amount will not be paid in cash but adjusted towards Pro model shoots or any other such shoots where a contribution from the students is required.
  3. You may utilize a single credit of 500 or accumulate more such credits and use them together. These do not expire.
  4. In case no image is selected in a particular month because there are not enough submissions or the quality of the submissions is not upto the mark, the credit will be carried forward to the next month. In other words, the next month two images will be eligible for scholarship.
  5. One parson can get a scholarship more than once.
  6. Total credits in one year will be limited to 6000.
  7. For all students who have joined any of the courses in 2011 or later.
  8. The final selection maybe be made through a panel of photographers or by a single photographer who's name will not be disclosed. Many a times the final selection may be made by Munish himself.
  9. Do not upload images randomly. Upload only if you are sure that your image deserves a credit.
  10. Please feel free to email your suggestions at [email protected] All the terms and conditions maybe revised based on the feedback received.