Blanket HubBlanket Hub This was shot for a Blanket commercial. Both the rain and the Light source are artificial. This was shot in broad day light and the external light source was used to supliment the available window light indoors. In such cases its important not to kill the original effect created by the window light. I just added to the available natural light keeping the same mood. It was natural to get the reflection in the glass and its perfectly all right not to remove it.

One view-different thoughtsOne view-different thoughts

This was shot over a small window of few seconds at the Leh bus station. Reflections play an important role and give the feeling and sense of reality. The glare of the bright sky, wires and the electricity pole showing up on the glass are adding to the expressions of the passengers, deep in their own thought, who have just started the journey. They are all looking out and its just fine for the outside to reflect on the window panes. They all have one view but different thoughts.

Small detail of the reflection on the old man's spectacles jus add to the character of the man who is amused at being photographed in his village around Delhi.

srishti_687srishti_687  Shooting in the mirror makes and interesting photograph, with the main subject, out of focus in the foreground. This adds to the depth in the photograph and just to recall, the subject is as much away in the mirror as is in front of it. so you need to focus on the subject and not the surface of the mirror.  srishti_715srishti_715 One can really do all the photographs keeping the main subject in the mirror, but its a good idea to have a reflection of the subject in the mirror. You main subject is not an image but the real subject. One has to be careful while shooting the mirror image, making sure that the mirror is clean enough not to adversely effect the image quality. srishti_799srishti_799

 Its interesting to look around and see if there is more than just the original scene around. When shot on the glass window. the people sitting on the Bus stop turned out to be sillhoettes. Lisbon, june 2015.

Reflection of the building across the street in Lisbon, formed an interesting abstract. Wanted to go closer to keep it more abstract but was not carrying a long lens. Included the sky instead to break the repetitive pattern. Notice the small element on the top right which is not a reflection but on the window glass itself.

Shot through an open restaurant doorway in Malaga, Spain, while the left side shows the clear outside view, the right side shows the reflections of the inside as well. Do not divide such shots into two equal halves.