with the advent of Digital photography came lcd screens behind every camera. One one hand it made photography easier compared to shooting on film, on the other hand the newer generation many a times missed out on an important aspect of Pre visualization. So often, do the young photographers end up seeing the lcd display after almost every shot. Also they tend to release the shutter much less carefully as they would have done on a film camera. well, most of them never came across a film camera. The time spent on bringing the camera down from the eye level and going through the image is a lot in terms of missing out the next shot.

Its all about Pre visualization. learn to observe and foresee how a photograph would look like. How a three dimensional subject would translate to a two dimensional print or a screen display. make your judgements and decisions as you look through the optical viewfinder, or even before that.

often people, ask what should they shoot ? Its very complicated yet a simple statement. Shoot what you relate to. Shoot what you feel would make a good photograph. A good photograph again is relative and something good for one person may not be apealing to the other.

As you gain experienc in the right direction you start developing the eye for good pictures and situation and opportunities which may turn into good pictures. 

We generally ask how a particular photograph was shot but we often ignore, why the photograph was shot the way it appears.

Also, follow your reflexes and heart, more than your brain.