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As far as wedding photography in india is concerned, it is caught between the two parameters- the typical straight wedding shots and the more unconventional creative documentary style of photography. Without knowing the taste of your client at times it may get a little difficult to strike the right balance between the two styles of photography. 

Know the family well- It is very important to know and understand the people in context to the bride and the bridegroom. The family would always want the key people of the family relatives and friends to be most prominently featured in the albums.

Do not isolate- I have seen typical portraits of the close members of the family taken against a backdrop. At times this may be a trend with certain clients but i would always prefer environmental and candid portraits of the key people. Even if these are posed ones let them be against the actual backdrop of the wedding scenario. This will give a much better mood and feel to the shot compared to the one set up against the typical studio background. However, also keep in mind the requirement of your client. You need to discuss such things before the wedding

detail- people spend so much money on the garments and the jewelery these days and it does make sense to include the fine detail of the brides outfit, 

there is no time for the photographer but they all expect great results at the end. The indian bride and the bride groom are almost always running late and the photography ends up being the least important, besides the fact that they want great pictures. although things are changing now, but still you should make it a point before hand that you will be expecting some exclusive time of the couple.

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Portraits of the bride- Keep track of things happening around. Fix up to shoot the bride as she prepares herself for the wedding. This is where you can get some candid moments, not possible otherwise at a later stage. Also there will be much less people around the bride compared to the venue and you are likely to get some privacy.

Shallow depth of field but the right focus-

Shoot fast

have good control over the equipment

shoot in low light

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team work- It is always better to have more people in your team but the right people. The other photographers in your team should be well versed with your style and requirements. With a  lot of guests, it becomes practically impossible for a single photographer to cover everyone. So, divide the tasks and the areas between the team. 

Be Prepared- Preparation is the key. So many things can go wrong and not work the way you planned or expected. It could be your equipment or the sequence or flow of the events. 

Experience matters

It wont happen again-

Shoot with two cameras or be able to quickly swap lenses. changing the lenses is not always a faster option as you may in the meanwhile miss the shot.

be bold without being obtrusive

Diffused light

Raw mode

Consider the background clutter.

Perspective matters

Group shots

Fill Flash

shooting mode- continuos or single shot?

Any thing can go wrong

Enjoy the wedding

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assist someone if you are beginner or shoot a friends wedding as an additional photographer.