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Class calendar

The first thing you should do when you join the Munish Khanna academy, is to join our interaction group on flickr. This is not an open group and you may need to send a request to join in. This is where you will also find the schedule for the classes. Most of the students make it the default page on their browsers so that they can stay updated.

In general the schedule of the classes is updated about a week in advance but at times the schedule is updated at a shorter notice due to unavoidable circumstances. It is a good idea to reconfirm the class calendar before coming for the class. Please note that no one is informed about the schedule through calls or sms. In case you do not have an internet connection, do check out with a fellow student. 

Attendance and regularity- Although there is flexibility in the course but it is highly recommended that you be very regular. in case you intend o miss a class or a few classes please do inform at the flickr group or send an email. Please note that you may not be allowed to attend the classes again if you suddenly disappear without informing (by a formal email) however, you are always a lifetime member and once you have informed, you can resume anytime, even after several years.

Content versus duration- If needed you may be asked to go through certain topics more than once for your better understanding of the topic. covering all the topics is more important than the duration. In such cases, the additional repeated session is not counted towards your total number of sessions.

Fees- the fees needs to be paid in advance. If you intend to pay in installments you need to give post dated cheques while joining the course. You pay Rs.2000/- more in case of advance course and Rs.1000/- more in case of basic course.

Additional expenses- the fee for the course is the tution fee and does not include any expenses incurred towards the training. the basic course does not require any additional expenses as such. However, in advance course as you build up your portfolio, you would be required to pay towards the actual cost incurred for hiring proffesioanal models, makeup artists or any other exhaustable material required for photography. It is recommended to go for these paid model shoots and there is no restriction on the number of times you can participate in such shoots. This is the reason that the expenses for such shoots are not included in the course fee. based on your budget you can do as many shoots as you want for your practice as well as your portfolio.  

Clear your doubts during the class period- Please avoid calling up if it is not necessary. try to ask questions in the flickr discussion thread and you will promptly get a feed back. also you may get an opinion from other members as well. instead of calling up, its always a good idea to send an sms to check if you can call up to make a long discussion. However, if it is a crises and there is no other solution, do not hesitate to call up anytime.


It is in your own interest that you undertake all the assignments listed in the curriculum.

When to buy the camera- do not buy before joining the course but do not delay it too much either. once you have attended 2 to 3 sessions and know a little bit about cameras, its certainly time to have your own camera as you know by this time, what are the right brands and features to look for. 

certification- A certificate is issued to those students who perform well in the course and have submitted a portfolio. If your performance is not satisfactory, you may be asked to continue with the training till you attain a certain level.

specific terms and conditions of the advance course

  1. DIY-You get studio time to shoot on your own, any subject of your choice for any amount of time. You may discuss the concept and time slot beforehand for better planning and execution.
  2. *PMS-Paid Pro Model Shoot- the actual expenditure is divided amongst the participants. estimated cost with model and makeup artist is generally not more than rs. 2000-2500 per head for about 1.5 hour slot. Everyone shoots independently.
  3. # modeling portfolio- the cost towards the model and makeup artist is split amongst the participating students. Everyone gets to shoot under guidance.
  4. ^ The Trip cost is on actual expenditure basis and is optional. However, to cover for the time and training during these trips a small amount is added to everyones cost which is generally about 10% of the individual trip cost.
  5. The fee does not cover Pro model shoot expenses, expenses incurred towards your studio slots for products/models etc or any other exhaustable material required during the practical sessions.
  6. The topics are not mentioned in the sequence these will be taught. Most of the topics are independent of one another and are scheduled in accordance with certain factors.
  7. These topics are indicative. while the course proceeds, certain topics may be added or altered as per the requirement of the students.
  8. the Film tutorials are internationally sourced and not available online.
  9. Almost all the sessions are conducted by munish khanna. However, at times certain sessions may be conducted by others who specialize in those areas or are specially trained to teach those topics.
  10. For the expenses, you need to maintain a deposit of Rs.5000/- with mka which is adjusted as the expenses are made. Besides the course fee, all payments are towards the actual expenditures without any profits.
  11. Except for the camera all other equipment is available for use in the studio
  12. Besides the mentioned classes/topics, you will be required to undertake assignments and are expected to shoot on your own as well besides the time you spend at the academy.
  13. For this course you are expected to know the basics of photography

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