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How to sign in?

How do I sign in using Google or Facebook?

How to do this depends on if you already have a Flickr account. So, do you?! Yes | No

Yes I do!

Note: It's important that you follow each of these steps or you may accidentally create a second account.

  1. Sign out of Flickr from the top right of any page.
  2. Sign back in.
  3. You will see Google & Facebook sign-in buttons. If you don't see them click "Sign in with another account"
  4. Enter your Google or Facebook login info.
  5. Now you should see this screen to enter your Yahoo! ID. This is where you will setup logging in with Google or Facebook:

If you see this screen instead, do not fill it out, it will create a new separate account. Instead click "Already have an ID":

No, I don't

To create a new account with a Google or Facebook login, just use the sign up button on the home page. You will see buttons for Facebook and Google when you sign up. If you don't see them click "Sign in with another account"

  1. Click Sign up on the Flickr home page.
  2. You will see Google & Facebook sign-in buttons. If you don't see them click "Sign in with another account"
  3. Enter your Google or Facebook login info and continue on to create your account.

If you have a Yahoo! ID but not a Flickr account yet you can use your Facebook account to login to Yahoo! & Flickr. If you would like to do this click "Already have a Yahoo! ID" when setting up your Flickr account.

I setup logging in with Google/Facebook on the wrong account.

When setting up logging in with Facebook or Google, some people are experiencing one of two issues:

- they accidentally create a new Flickr account instead of connecting their Facebook or Google account to their existing Flickr account
- they connect their Facebook or Google account to the wrong Flickr account

If either of these things happen, you can unbind (that's what we call it) your Facebook or Google account so you can re-connect it to the correct Flickr account later.

Important Note: If you just connected your Facebook or Google account you will need to wait 24 hours before you can unbind it.

To unbind your Facebook or Google account,

  1. Login to the account you want to unbind.
  2. Go to this URL.
  3. Choose the Facebook or Google account you want to unbind and click "Remove".
  4. Once the account is unbound successfully you will be signed out.

After this is done you can use these instructions to setup logging in to the correct Flickr account using Facebook or Google account.

How do I upload my photos?

The easiest way to upload to Flickr is to use our Web Uploadr. For quick access we have added an "Upload" link to the navigation at the top of every Flickr page.

If you want to upload from your smartphone, you can use one of our Apps for the iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, or check out the mobile version of Flickr,

You can also email your photos to your Flickr account. You have your own unique email address that you can use to add your photos to your Flickr photostream or to upload photos to your Flickr photostream AND automatically post them to your blog. Configure your email upload settings here.

Lastly, we and many third-party developers provide a range of uploading tools for both Windows and Mac that will help you get your photos on Flickr.

How can I use Flickr with Facebook?

Images you upload to Flickr can automatically post to your Facebook updates, letting you share them in both places at the same time. To set up the Facebook updates, just go to Your Account.

Please note: Only safe/public images will show on Facebook.

When I make a photo public is it sent to Facebook right away?

When you upload a public photo or video, or set a photo that is already uploaded to public, it will show on Facebook and Yahoo! Updates in about 10 minutes. There is a delay so you have time to rename, edit the description, rotate, or make any other changes to the photo before it's sent. After an update is sent it isn't possible to edit what's shown on Yahoo! or Facebook.

How do I tweet from Flickr?

If you've already setup and authorized Twitter, just use the Share menu above the photo, to the right of the Actions menu. You can send a tweet along with a short URL link to the photo or video.

Please note, a Flickr member can chose to turn off sharing on their photos, so you may not always see it.

How do I share a photo with a group?

Easy! If you're a member of the group, add your photo to the group pool. (If not, join the group, because only group members can contribute to the group pool.)

The easiest way to add a photo to a group is to go to the photo's page and click the "Add to a Group" link in the actions menu. Then choose the group you want to add it to, and you're done!

Only you and the group administrators can remove a photo from a group pool.

Note: If you share a photo that you marked as private with a group you are a member of, it's as if other group members have full access to that photo. They can add comments, notes, and tags. The photo isn't displayed for people who aren't members of the group.

What is the difference between public and private groups?

Public groups are listed around the site and on the groups page, profiles, and photo pages if the photo is in a group pool.

There are two types of public groups: anyone can join and invitation only. Group administrators can choose to show or hide the group photo pool and discussion topics at any time.

Private groups are not listed anywhere on the Flickr site. You can join them only by invitation.

How do I post a photo in a discussion?

To embed a photo in a group discussion, all you have to do is put the URL to the photo page in [square brackets]. For example, to put this photo in a comment, write this in the comment box:



If you need a different sized photo than the small size that the square brackets posts, there are two ways to obtain it. For your own photos or for photos in groups that you administer, click a photo you want to add to a discussion and then open the 'Share This' menu and click 'Grab the HTML'. Choose the size you want up to medium (we'll re-size anything larger than that).

Right-click on the box containing the HTML code and select Copy from the shortcut menu. Go to where you want to paste the photo into the discussion post, right-click, and select Paste. This works for your's or other members' photos who have enabled sharing on their photos.

(psst! want to see what other HTML you can use?)

Who can see photos in a group pool?

Adding a photo to a group pool allows any group member to view your photo and add notes, tags, and comments, regardless of the photo's privacy setting.

Your photo retains the privacy settings you set for anyone who isn't a group member. It also stays in your photostream, available to everyone who can view it. You (or a group administrator) can remove your photo from the pool at any time.