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Thanks for joining the photography workshop and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

 If the few hours the other day did trigger the passion for photography in you, it shall be a pleasure to have you back at the academy. Learning Photography is a gradual process and it cant be done overnight. Based on your interest you have the option to choose between the Basic and Advance course  or take up the complete course which includes them both. These courses may also be customized to suite your specific requirements when time is a constrain. Do check out the comparison of courses. Some of the key features-

  • Learn Directly from an experienced photographer actively pursuing art and commercial photography with the current standards
  • Most updated well equipped studio infrastructure
  • Professional models for actual practical experience
  • Lifetime membership and benefits
  • Online support and guidance
  • Flexibility allows you to adjust the course as per your schedule, especially the working people.
  • International tutorials and training films
  • Course is based on the content and not just the duration, letting you always clear your doubts.
  • Covers various genres including Fashion, Art, Journalism, Food, Interiors, advertising......
  • weekdays and weekend options
  • Limited group size.


As a part of the promotional activity, here's an opportunity to pay only 80% of the course fees, in case you join in within the next 5 days. You may even schedule to begin the classes at a later date if at this moment you are unable to devote time to photography. The fees is refundable immediately in case you are still unable to begin even later on. however, once you start attending the classes the fees is not-refundable

1. call up/email/meet Munish to discuss and decide the suitable course
2. Pay the fees online / by cheque /cash or just pay the registration fees
3. Fix the date when you can begin the course which you can almost always do within the next few days. (You don't have to wait for a batch to start !)
4. Attend the first class and pay the balance amount if not already paid and if you enjoyed the class.


Anyways, do send in your feedback of the workshop and your experience. It shall be great to hear from you at

In case of any questions, please feel free to call me up 9871020341 or send an email.

Photography being an art form, sooner you start, sooner you achieve !

bets wishes,

Munish Khanna