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We do not force free stuff from unknown barnds on you but give you options to choose from and that too from reputed brands.

Memory card - Go for only the best even when it is free. One just can't compromise on the reliability of the card where all your precious images get recorded.

Tripod- Dont just settle for a "tripod". There is a lot to go in a tripod. What is the size? How high does it open up? Is it strong enough to carry the weight of the camera it came along free with? At Click for camera you only get the products from the most trusted brands even if it is given free along with any other product.

We do not give away too many freebies but the right stuff so that you love these freebies as much as you love the product you bought

Category                   Value


SD Card 4gb


Camera Bag

Canon edge


MKA one to one sessions with option to upgrade


SD card 32g




UV filter

Photo vest 2450
100D Option 1 included included included included included -      
  Option 2 included included included included - included