Bokeh is also know as 'Boke' as is one the most liked subject in photography. The reason why Bokeh is a popular subject is that its creates an image that is visually appealing which draws the viewers focus on a particular area. The word Bokeh comes from Japanese language which means 'blur'.

What is bokeh?

Bokeh is the out of focus or the blurry part of an image produced by our camera lens. The blur we usually see in the photograph separates the subject from the background and is achieved by altering 'depth of field' in simple words it is known as background blur.  

Achieving Good Bokeh: Bokeh is produced by lens and not the camera. Different lenses produce different kinds of bokeh due to uniquely designed optics. For example portraits and telephoto lens which have larger maximum apertures produces more pleasing bokeh effects than the cheaper consumer zoom lenses. Lens which have a maximum aperture of 1.4 will produce an exceptionally good looking bokeh than a lens which have a limited aperture opening like f/4.

A good bokeh is that which pleases the viewers eyes and also the perception of the person seeing the image .The background which you want to be blurry should be soft and creamy which have smooth soft round circles of light and not the hard edges.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT LENS FOR BOKEH: The aperture is made of several blades which forms an octagon through which the light passes and reaches the sensor  of the camera. An aperture which has more blades will produce more circular light burst in the bokeh and the apertures which have more of octagonal shaped blades will produce less circular light burst. In other words, you actually see the shape of the aperture. Rounder the aperture is, rounder is the Bokeh.

Make sure that the rear of the lens does not have dust as that is going to show in the photographs

bokeh 1 low  

Morning prayer on the bank of Ganga, Allahabad, UP, India

photo -Gautam pyarimohan photo -Gautam pyarimohan

Can you make out the difference in the two photographs above ? In one the Bokeh shape is round where as in the other you can see the edges as well.