How to become a Model

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How to become a Model ?  This is one question that is most often asked. How did this idea of becoming a model come into your mind? You always wanted to be one or your friends and family suggested that you be one because you are beautiful, good looking and tall. So you thought of giving it a try but are not sure how to go about it. You may be having a lot of questions in mind.

Be truthful to you and self-evaluate your potential - We know ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. Of course we can always overcome our negative points but we do know if we are made for it or not. Can we face the camera? Can we face the crowd? Do we have stage fear? Can we speak fluently and confidently? Can you act naturally? Can you speak your lines? Are you Photogenic? You still can get into the glamourous world of modeling and Fashion but you may have to work hard towards your goal and make an effort to overcome your shortcomings. There is a place for everyone just that you need to understand your potential and aim for the right position as per your own strength.

Don't just go by what other people feel about you. Do you yourself strongly feel that you can become a good model. Follow your instincts but at the same time be truthful about yourself. You don't have to be the most beautiful person around as it is all very relative but you should be very confident about yourself and should be able to present your self confidently. while being beautiful is important, being able to present your self is just about as important. It should be "I am good and I know it !" kind of an attitude which should show across.

Meet a Good Fashion Photographer who specializes in making a Modelling Portfolio as well. There are many good fashion photographers out there but not everyone specializes in making a good modeling portfolio as it involves dealing with raw talent. The fashion photographer needs to work on you along with properly guiding you with the right poses, expressions, outfits and makeup which compliments you to bring out the best in you. Being in the industry for over two decades, I have kind of understood what it all takes to bring out the best out of a potential model who is facing the camera for the first time. I do not use the same lighting and other elements for everyone alike and customize it all based on your individuality.

Make an effort to achieve your goals - Getting a good portfolio is just the beginning. Do not settle down but get active once you have your portfolio together. Your Photographer should be able to help you with genuine modeling agencies and casting directors. Start distributing your images and build up your own contacts. Follow up with them to check if there is any suitable work for you.

A Modelling agency or a Photographer for a Portfolio. Eventually, it's the Photographer who has to make your portfolio, so why not deal directly with the person concerned who is going to shape up your profile through your images. The modeling agency is important but is secondary. Go for the photographer who you are comfortable with and whose style and approach you like and relate to. The Photographer is responsible for how good or bad your images turn up. He will make all efforts involved to create a good portfolio which works for you. If you have the potential and if your portfolio shows it across, the modeling agency would be more than interested in getting you work as that's what they survive on. For every assignment that you get through them, they earn a percentage which is pre decided with you. Some agencies may sign up a contract and it all depends from agency to agency. So in other words, they need you as much as you need them. 

Prepare for it. Groom yourself. Prepare for your auditions - This is a continuous process and can't be achieved overnight. Take care of your short comings. or at least learn to deal with them in a way that these do not overshadow your plus points. Understand what is expected in an interview or an Audition and prepare for it accordingly. If you have the script or the lines with you already, you may rehearse them well before hand. You may Dress up in accordance to the requirement of the shoot. This may not always be possible but you may plan to be closer to it. There are various grooming agencies which can help you with this task. Do check their credentials before joining one of them.

Don't Give up! Be persistent and determined. A Good portfolio does not help unless you put it across to the right people who matter in the modeling industry. You may opt to show your portfolio in the form of a coffee table book or on an iPad / tab or a laptop. It's not a very good idea to show your portfolio on social media like Facebook etc and that too on the agency or casting director's own computer. Some models would even log on to their own account to show the images which certainly is not professional and causes a lot of unnecessary inconveniences. Remember, professionals are generally short on time and such actions do not help at all putting a bad impression. You portfolio in the form of Coffee table books Participate in Beauty contests - If you win a Beauty pageant it can be a great platform to launch a career in modelling or acting. Even if you do not win such beauty contests help you groom yourself quite well preparing you to face various interviews and auditions besides other challenges in life.

Munish Khanna, based in New Delhi, India, has a vast experience of shooting fashion and has been involved in making portfolios for several new models. He is one of the well known names in the Indian fashion Photography Industry.


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