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Miss Earth India 2016

You maybe taking portraits of your friends or you may have been hired to photograph a group of family, the headshot of a celebrity or a corporate CEO or a complete modelling portfolio of an aspiring model. 

You could be shooting in a professional studio or outside in a park or a street, the useful tips below will help you become a better portrait or Fashion photographer.

Shoot at Aperture Priority

Shoot in Aperture Priority mode to control the Depth of field. In this mode, your SLR will automatically set the shutter speed on its own for a correct exposure based on the aperture selected by you. 

At Aperture priority mode, a common photography problem while shooting people with light skin tones is under-exposed tones and a bit of an overexposure in case of dark-skinned subjects. You’ll notice this more when shooting closeups or when there’s lots of white in the scene –people wearing white outfits or standing against a bright source are typical examples. 

In such situations, the subject appears to be darker than what he or she actually is, especially in case of very fair people or if the subject is wearing a white outfit. You can try using Exposure Compensation. Try dialling in up to +1 stop of positive Exposure Compensation to lighten up people’s faces. In earlier times, the camera's typically used to have an "against the light compensation button" to be used in such situations. One of my first cameras, Canon AE1 used to have this button.

For average skin tones, one does not need to do anything as these tones are closer to 18% grey card and the camera's metering is based on the assumption that all subjects are of the same average tone as a standard 18% grey. So the exposure in such situations is generally correct and one does not need to make any changes.

Also while shooting tight portraits with a long focal length lens, there is no need to compensate for the exposure while shooting against the light. The camera in such situations is measuring light from the face and is not influenced by the camera being pointed against the light. No stray light of other areas are included in the frame so "against the light" does not influence the exposure.

Shoot with an opened aperture

When shooting portraits, it’s best to set a wide aperture (around f/2.8-f/5.6) to capture a shallow depth of field, so the background behind your subject is nicely blurred, making them stand out better. But do keep in mind that do not open so much that the face itself becomes out of focus. With such large apertures, one does need to be careful with focusing and focus at the area which is most important in the portrait. generally, its good to focus on the eyes. Many photographers are too obsessed with getting an out of focus background that they end up having the subject itself out of focus.

Play around with the Foreground as well

Most of the Photographers concentrate on a blurred background and ignore the foreground. Including the foreground in the frame can help achieve a sense of depth in the photograph. Ensure that an opened aperture is used in this case as well to render the foreground out of focus. Since the foreground is closer to the camera, it will anyways be less sharp compared to the subject. Depth of field is less in front of the subject and more behind the subject.

Photographed through the space between the car door, the photograph draws the eye on the model without even letting the car be noticeable.

A little wider frame gives an idea about the car as well.


Foreground could even be the person herself with the reflection as the main subject in focus.

Shoot with specialised lenses for Portraits

Specialist portrait lenses tend to have even wider maximum apertures (from f/1.4 to f/2.8) in order to blur backgrounds further.  135mm prime is a typical lens quite widely used for portraits. The 85mm prime is another example.

1/100 at f2.2

Canon 50mm on 5d mark III at f2.2 ~ 1/60th sec. Although 50mm is not really for portraits but being a very versatile focal length, when used correctly, it can give very effective results.

Do not let shutter speed drop low

While shooting at Aperture priority, the camera automatically sets the right corresponding shutter speed but do ensure that the shutter speed is higher than the focal length of the lens being used or at least above 1/60th of a second.

As a general rule, make sure your shutter speed is higher than your effective focal length. For example, at 200mm use a 1/250 sec shutter speed or faster.

Use the Right focal length

You can get away with slower shutter speeds when using a wide-angle lens – such as 1/20 sec with an 18mm focal length. However, do not use a wide angle lens very close to the subject as that will lead to distortion, unless you are looking for it, intentionally. A wide-angle lens will capture more depth of field compared to a telephoto lens. This is also one of the reasons why telephoto lenses are favoured over wide-angle lenses for portraits, as they further knock backgrounds out of focus to make persons being photographed more prominent in the scene. If you are shooting an environmental portrait, you may want to include a lot of other areas in the frame beside the person you are photographing. You may still opt to shoot with a longer focal length lens unless there are space constraints or you are looking for the perspective of a wide-angle lens.

A long focal length has helped throw the background out of focus even though the aperture is not completely opened.

Focal length 210 mm ~ 1/60th sec at f5.6 Phase One P30+

Release the Shutter at the right moment while taking candid portraits.

People move around a lot as they’re photographed, not to mention blink and constantly change their facial expressions – and there’s nothing worse than a photo of somebody half-blinking instead of smiling!

To avoid these problems, and to prevent motion blur appearing, you’ll need to use a fast shutter speed which is relative to the motion of the subject.

This will also help to ensure sharp shots and avoid camera-shake as mostly you’ll be shooting portraits handheld. 

Continue shooting even in low light

During low light situations, while in Aperture Priority mode with a wide aperture, if you still need to increase your shutter speed increase your ISO in small increments just to reach the right shutter speed (for example from ISO100 to ISO400 instead of straight away increasing it to 1600). In very low light (indoors and outside), you may need to increase it to ISO800, 1600 or even 3200. 
A little grain is infinitely better than a blurry, useless photo. You may add a flash in such situations but I would always prefer an off-camera flash instead of attaching it on top of the camera. Adding the flash is not always a practical choice especially while you are travelling or on a holiday and not exclusively doing photography. One needs to understand light and should be capable of balancing the ambient and the flashlight.

Make the best f the Golden LIght

you can achieve very good deep skin tones at the Golden hours when the sunlight is warm and Golden


Go Tight - Frame tight portraits.

This helps exclude the areas not required or which are disturbing the main subject. A tight frame also helps focus and concentrate on the fine expressions and detail of the face.

Go Wide !

Contrary to what i just mentioned above. If there is more than just the face of the person being photographed include the space around the subject in the frame. It helps add character to the portrait. The photograph of the lady in Ladakh gives an idea about her activities and livelihood through this photograph.

1/60 at f 2.5



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who is better for a modelling portfolio? Agency or directly the Photographer? A Professional Photographer. Why ? When you are getting a Modelling portfolio made, you need someone creative to do it. Someone who understands light and other parameters involved and shoot you the way you look the best. A good Photographer will shoot you to bring out the best in you using his experience, talent and equipment. The Photographer will also guide you as to what steps you should take next. How you should go about the business of modelling.

On the other hand the job of a modelling agency is to get you work. The modelling agency would market your Portfolio and keep a commission for every assignment that you get.

When you get a house made, you hire a good architect or an interior designer but not a property dealer. You go for a property dealer only when you wish to sell or rent it out. And you may go for several agents but one good architect.

same way, when wish to get a good modelling portfolio made, go for a good reputed photographer and not an agency. Once you have your portfolio, you can market it through a number of modelling / casting agencies or signup with one agency.

srishti_1066websrishti_1066web pallavi_01326pallavi_01326

Munish Khanna is one of the best Advertising and Fashion Photographer who has specially created one of the best online photography courses with a vast experience of teaching photography at his photography academy in Delhi. He has been running his Photography course in Delhi since 1993. Munish also specializes in helping young (or any age ) aspiring models to build up a career in the world of modelling and Acting. Do check out more details about the Modelling portfolios which he offers in Delhi. 

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visual feast VISUAL FEAST

Munish Khanna, considers himself to be a Photographer who can shoot anything - and everything - that comes before him. the reason: he does not want to be labelled as a photographer who can shoot only specific types of pictures.

Khanna developed his interest in photography at an early age and has done a couple of professional courses in this stream. He has shot for several designers, ads, celebrities like Ravi Shanker and Nandita Das, amongst others, and has also done several interior shoots. At the moment Khanna teaches a professional course in Photography in Delhi.

Timber Trail 

A shot taken for Timber Galery for an ad campaign. The effect of the lights and the arrangement of the pottery have been crafted well to make the picture interesting. very interesting, in fact.

It is the View

What is the highlight of this visual? The lighting has actually been done from the top, and not from the bottom, even though it may seem so. the smaller glass piece has been filled with crystals to let the reflection of the light play about on the surface.

Stark reality

A shot taken with an emphasis on leaves drying during autumn, Says Khanna " I enjoy taking shots which would otherwise go unnoticed. And this photograph was one of those".

Big Apple

A shot taken in the streets of New York for a designer based in the US. Khanna had chosen this locale particularly because of the old brick-laid streets, which are still present in some areas of New York.

One on One

This shot was developed after merging two snaps on each other. the first shot was of the model while the second one was of a rough fabric texture. the shot of the texture was then imposed upon the previous shot to get this effect.

Glory in colour

The Niagara falls at night. This shot shows the Canadian side. During the night the falls are illuminated and keep changing colours.

The Bond

Pristine affection. This shot aims to capture the love between a father and his son. According to Khanna, this shot was particularly difficult to take as it involved a lot of running around to capture the reflection of the sun in the center.

Don't Look at The Food

This snap was taken in a restaurant at Delhi's Maurya Shereton. Khanna had to use his lights, along with the lights in the restaurant.

Naturally beautiful

This shot was the cover of a book on natural beauty techniques, to be published by harper-Collins. the model's body has been covered with sand granules to bring out the message in the book through its cover. 

Two in One

One of his favourites. No, the other Polo is not a reflection. There are actually two of them. the Polo that is only partly visible has been placed behind a magnifying glass, The surface used is made of glass which is wet, for overall effect.

Eye of the Tiger 

This shot was taken at the Calcutta Zoo. " The camera was placed in a manner to avoid the wired enclosure. But the light was directly on the tiger's face and it seemed as if he was posing for me," claims Khanna

Numbers Game 

Guess how many people are in this snap? Well, three. A snap from his personal portfolio, it has the reflection of three children standing in front of a laughing mirror.


Tunisha behind the veil poses for a catalogue shoot for kanwaljeet's designer collection." The shot was taken from the top in order to make it attractive," says Khanna. The beauty of the golden-coloured fabric is enhanced by the effect of lights. 

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Role of Light in Photography The very fundamental of Photography is the Light. Light has been one of the most transient elements which has existed on earth since the existence of earth itself and for more practical purposes since the existence of the mankind and us.

Light is changing every moment and one thing which has not changed over the ages is also Light. If we observe light carefully as it exists in nature over the course of time in the day and all throughout the year, we can bring a lot of improvement in our photography. It can change the way we look at things. In other words, since we have looked at things with a critical eye from the perspective of light in everyday situations, we can relate light better to our work in Photography.

Light conveys life and if the light is right in our pictures they will be closer to life. Photography completely depends on the Light and its changing qualities. This change in the quality of light is what brings out the mood in our photographs. Photographers need to understand this aspect of Light very well so as to apply the right mood or kind of light in the right situation.

It is the light that brings life to our photographs. Light is the most basic raw material for any picture of any genre. It is the light which conveys the whole mood of the photograph, the message which you want to convey in your image. Photography in Advertising is usually made up and staged. Unless the Photographer has good knowledge of Light in the real life and how it exists in nature, it can't be replicated realistically.  Fashion photography also involves actual natural outdoor or elaborate created indoor sets. Whatever the situation may be, the Photograph should look natural and appealing. Not only should it reveal all the detail in the outfits, but should add to the overall mood of the photograph as well. In other areas like in case of wedding Photography or while shooting interiors, the lighting in one way or the other is already set up to create a particular mood. While you add your own artificial lighting to supplement the existing lighting, make sure that you do not overdo and kill the mood created by the event decorator or the interior designer. 

A photograph conveys a thousand words but if the lighting is not good enough it may convey the wrong words instead. For example, a bright sunny day will add to the warmth and happiness shown in the photograph whereas a dull overcast day may convey sorrow, sadness, thoughtfulness, defeat and other negative moods. Something often noticed in movies, whenever there is a dramatic situation, there is lightning and thunder, but it does add to the impact. When there is hunger and poverty a "flare" is added in the frame to get that feeling.

Most people think of light in terms of intensity, if the light is bright or dark, more or less, high or low. There is more to light than just the intensity.

These fashion photographs for New York heritage - leather bags were shot against the light, which creates a beautiful highlight on the hair. External artificial lights and reflectors were ofcourse used to fill in the shadow areas.


The evening light falling on the side is quite subtle and soft. The beauty of shooting on the digital format is that the while balance can be fine tuned at a later stage on the computer to get the desired effect. It's not about the correct white balance but more about the one that looks appealing to the eye. 

Munish Khanna - best Indian Fashion Photographer fashionfashionFashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india

With Light modifiers, one can control the way the light falls on the subject. For creative fashion Photography, it's not always essential to illuminate the whole scene completely. The light and shade looks nice and directional lighting helps reveal the texture in the garment as well. I do love playing with light and you will see a lot of shadows in my photography.

In Wedding Photography, lighting plays an important role. It plays the key role in setting up the mood for the whole wedding. For such candid shots one needs to make the best of the moment and be able to shoot in the existing light without any artificial support.

Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khannawedding photography

The warm golden light of the setting sun was falling just at the right spot where I wanted the couple to be positioned for one of their pre wedding shoots.  This warm golden light is there in fact before the sun sets and the intensity of the sunlight, though it lasts a brief period is quite strong.

Natural light the way it exists as one shoots images of random people around the globe, has it's own challenges. No modifiers and no support of artificial light as one gets in commercial assignments, be it Advertising or fashion. With experience, I have got the knack of shooting outdoors in unexpected lighting conditions also with proper exposure. Painted with LightPainted with Light

Your exposure in the camera should be just right to get the deep and saturated colours straight out of the camera. If you have shot well, you do not need photoshop or any other image enhancing software to bring out the desired effects in a photograph.

A simple photograph of a leaf illuminated from behind, photographed in the studio with artificial lights.

nudesnudesnudes nudesnudesCreative Nude photography by Munish Khanna

While the subjects above are nude, the photographs are creative and artistic because of the way these have been lighted up. A good control over the lighting helps to show only what the Photographer wishes to show. The Photographer's vision helps him create the image that is there in his mind.

Munish Khanna is an Advertising and Fashion Photographer who has specially created one of the best online photography courses with a vast experience of teaching photography at his photography academy in Delhi. He has been running his Photography course in Delhi since 1993. Munish also specializes in helping young (or any age ) aspiring models to build up a career in the world of modelling and Acting. Do check out more details about the Modelling portfolios which he offers in Delhi.

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Looks versus number of Photographs in a Modelling Portfolio I am often asked this question, "How many photographs will be there in a Portfolio?" 

"well", I reply, "there are no restrictions on the number of Photographs as such, It's all about the number of looks.  a portfolio with about 5 looks is good enough and works for all"

"Just 5 Images ?" .......

Let me explain the difference between the number of photographs and the number of looks.

When any good professional photographer shoots, he or she does not shoot just one photograph to get one final photograph. One needs to take a number of photographs to get the one, the photographer is looking for. Well, it does not mean that it's a hit and trial method. It's all about how you look at a person. The aspiring model in front of the camera needs to be shot in such a manner that it enhances her or his over looks, beauty and personality as the case may be. The whole exercise is gradually build up to achieve the desired results. As you look through the camera, directing the model, you take a picture or two to further direct the model and continue to improve the posture, expressions and the overall performance of the model, who may be facing the camera for the first time.

When you pay a good Photographer, you pay him for his talent and ability to photograph you in the best possible manner, using the lighting and the camera angles to bring out the best in you. A slight shift of face in one direction may make you look better and more beautiful and gives the photographer and the model the required variations in terms of lighting and expressions. You do not want to settle for just one shot. You want to do the pictures without a smile, a faint smile and a big one as well. Some models have a great smile, some are just beautiful while some have that killer look even though they may not be conventionally very good looking. Some may be quite introvert and open up only after a few clicks under the guidance of an able photographer entrusted with the task of making a great modelling portfolio.

So, if you are looking for one good image, it certainly needs more than one shots to get that perfect shot. Not because the model may not know exactly how to pose or the photographer may not know how to click but simply because, when there are more options, you get the opportunity to pick up the best shot.

A lot of aspiring models would say, that they need just two or three photographs because they are participating in a contest and the application requires them to submit a close-up, a mid shot or a side profile and a full-length shot. so this does not mean that you need to send just about any three photographs for a beauty contest. You need your very best shots to be submitted so that you clear this very first round of a beauty contest.

I would need to work on your looks, your expressions, the body language and the overall feel of the photograph before you send across anything for a Beauty Pageant. This is why you are paying for a good professional photographer. otherwise, you could have easily clicked these three specified photos yourself or asked a friend to do it.

I generally recommend going for a portfolio with the five different looks as it shows a models versatility very well. If you have a budget constraint you may opt for 3 or 4 looks but a portfolio with 5 looks is always more economical. While you may need one kind of looks for a particular assignment, you may probably need different looks while approaching another client. With a complete portfolio, you get all the possible variants in one go.

While there are no restrictions on the number of photographs you can have, it's always good to show around a limited number of photographs and that too just the best ones only. The idea of going for more number of looks in a models profile is to open up to different kind of roles and assignments.  

pallavi_00248pallavi_00248 pallavi_01042pallavi_01042 srishti_489srishti_489 srishti_1038srishti_1038 Miss Earth India 2016 Miss Earth India 2016 Miss Earth India 2016 Miss Earth India 2016 fashionfashionFashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Best modelling portfolios in Delhi by Munish Khanna jia_0288.TIF-01907.jpgjia_0288.TIF-01907.jpg

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The rise of Boudoir Photography - Man's world magazine Interview excerpts from Man's World April 2018 issue on Boudoir Photography - Hot Shots : The Rise of Boudoir Photography by Cynthia Lewis

What drew you to this field?

It’s a derivative of Fashion, Nude and Modeling. These all involve humans. Probably the artistic interest in shooting Humans in their nude forms and the Photography exhibitions which followed created the category of Boudoir Photography on my website. A lot of people wish to be photographed like a model. A lot of people like to flaunt their assets but just for themselves or their loved ones.

Did you have any apprehensions about its feasibility as a business?

Since I am involved in a whole variety of genres, it does not really matter to me if Boudoir as one of the options in my photography portfolio works or not. As a standalone business option, I don't think India is ready for it as yet. On the other hand, as it grows, I do have the lead and the experience to take it forward.

What lessons did you learn from early shoots?

Not really from early shoots but early inquiries, I would say. One has to be careful before the shoot and the terms and conditions should be very clear. The outfits need to be discussed and most importantly the objective needs to be discussed. I do not earn my bread and butter from this category so I turn down a lot of inquiries, where I do not have the right feeling of proceeding ahead.

One gets an idea. Some would say, a model release is important, but it is meaningless when no one is going to see the images. Or when the face can’t be identified at all.

Who are the sort of people who usually do these shoots and why?

It can be any sort of people who can afford to pay for the shoot. The main reason to do it is for themselves for their own memory. They may not have the same figure in years to come so basically would like to document the way they look today. Many are not perfect but do have the confidence. Aspiring models, may add such looks to aim for certain categories in Films and modelling. In that case the reason is more of a commercial aspect.

I usually avoid getting into the details of “why” beyond a point. You never know if you are being told the right reason. Mostly it is for oneself only.

Do the grooms often join in?

Let’s not mix it with a Pre-wedding shoot kind of a scenario. Most of the couples have a lot of reservations. It will take years in India for Boudoir photography to blend with a photography session before marriage.  We are still very conservative or at least pretend to be for the world. Sometimes women go for it as an experience and sometimes it’s a mutual decision between a couple after the marriage.

Are there any concerns often that need to be addressed, on your part or the client's?

It’s very important to understand what exactly the client is looking for. If the expectations are not artistic in nature, the shoot is declined. Unfortunately, in India, there are clients who are at the extreme ends. Very few who can understand, that exposure can be subtle or more but still artistic in nature. It can be sensual without being vulgar.

Some would ask if there would be a female Photographer! Or How many people would be there! So, one needs to explain the technical aspects and that it’s all very professional. You either do it or you don't do it. Psychologically, in general, Husbands are usually fine if the wife is wearing revealing outfits or posing erotically but in front of a camera with a woman behind it. However, when women take a decision, it’s based more on the talent of the Photographer irrespective of the gender. 

What do you use to convey a sense of sensuality or create the right mood?

Light and the absence of Light works for me to create the right mood in a Photograph. I do not take it up if the basic understanding on this aspect does not exist. I am more inclined towards lowkey photography and shadows play an important role especially in case of Implied Nudes or a pure form of Boudoir. Next to lighting, it’s the body language that plays a key role. Accessories are next.

How different is India's boudoir photography scene from other countries?

It’s one of the major segments abroad while it’s still coming up very slowly in India and most importantly it’s very private, confidential and Anonymous in India. One can say it’s still very much a taboo to go for a Boudoir Photography session. Trust and confidentiality are major issues and for many people, eyebrows can be raised at a slight hint of flesh. Most importantly and unfortunately the whole character in our country is decided by the kind of clothes one wears. So, Boudoir Photography session if one has gone through remains as a hidden part of one's life and personality. Something one does only for personal reasons and not to put across on the social media.

Looking for a Pre Wedding Shoot?  check out our wedding Photography website. TOGETHER WE ROCK

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Getting Married? Do check out "Together We Rock" Wedding Photographers Together We Rock was set up to put together some of the best wedding Photographers and Cinematographers in Delhi. With a vast experience in Commercial photography, be it fashion or Advertising, Interiors or Industrial, Food or Automobiles, I have been shooting all varied and different genres of Photography besides what I shoot for my own Photography exhibitions. Teaching and running Photography courses helps one understand and evaluate other photographers very well.

Wedding Photography requires a good team of Photographers, Cinematographers, Editors and album and film makers. As wedding photography was moving from more conventional ways of shooting to more interesting and candid styles of Photography, I decided to set up my own company of wedding photography to offer creative and modern photography to new and existing commercial clients. My own Photography students come from varied background and not all pursue photography as a career, many of them opting photography as a serious hobby along with their own professions. Picked up some of my own students who wanted to get into Wedding Photography and picked up a lot of new as well as well established free lance Photographers to work as a team. Besides freelancing for us, many of our photographers and Editors are now permanently employed with "Together We Rock".

our wedding photography company covers everything from the most basic but technically perfect traditional or conventional photography to the documentary style candid photography story telling of your wedding. The Cinematographers using one of the most advanced filming equipment, cover every fine detail of your wedding from outfits to decoration, from moments of fun to excitement both in a traditional as well as a cinematic manner. You not only get the full versions of your wedding but a crisp cinematic film as well. Do check out some of the wedding films shot by "Together We Rock" 

We cater to all kind of Budgets. Though we have a minimum starting price which we feel is very affordable for good wedding photography and filming that we offer, the package can be completely customised as per your budget and the talent added to the crew. Depending upon the venue size, number and flow of events, number of guests, location etc. we can advise you with the right options within your suggested budget.

Some of the frequently asked questions related to wedding photography 

How much does a pre wedding shoot cost?

Let's explore Pre-wedding shoots !

How to choose a Wedding Photographer !

What do you get in our wedding photography package?

Why should the same Photography team cover both sides.

Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi Best Wedding Photographers in Delhi

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Best gear for Portraits in Modelling photography Shooting a portrait of a Model, an Actor or otherwise a corporate leader, Celebrity or even a Bride, all involve one common target in the mind of the Photographer - To make their subject look great! And I did not mention the girl or the boy looking forward to getting married.

While how you shoot - The way you illuminate the subject, The angles you choose to bring out the best bone structure or the body contours, the tactics you use to bring out the best or in some cases, the relevant expressions, is important and the major part of making a good photograph, the equipment you use also plays a significant role.

Equipment alone cannot make a good photograph but yes it does aid and help in creating a good photograph.

You may choose to shoot in natural light or artificial, A full frame or a crop sensor camera, A DSLR or a Mirror less camera, Outdoors or in a studio or on location, with a zoom or a Prime lens...the list of decisions to be made before shooting a model, is endless.

With so much experience in shooting models for various magazines and fashion designers, I decide things mostly based on my Instinct.

The Camera - Unless, its a fashion or an advertising shoot, a medium format is not really required as the file sizes are too big and an aspiring model does not really need such large files. On the other hand, I do not like to use the crop sensor either. I always prefer shooting on canon 5d markIII which is working quite well for me and I have not really taken a step to change over. Many of my wedding Photographers at " Together We Rock", our wedding Photography company also use Nikon cameras besides Canon Cameras. With both the brands we get some great shots and it is more about the Photographer than the camera that matters more.

The Lenses - I use a mix of Zooms and Primes which shooting a model or a corporate profile. the selection of lenses also depends on the available space and what really is the objective. If I am looking for a nice Bokeh in the photograph, i may go for one of the lenses I have with an opened aperture. While it lets me shoot in low light situation, it helps balancing the light even while shooting at twilight with mixed available lights and a flashlight. pallavi_01060pallavi_01060

canon 50mm f 1.4


Miss Earth India 2016

Canon 24-105mm f4


Canon 70-200 F4 IS

Canon EOS 6D - 70-200 f4

On the personal front, I love to shoot with a 40mm pancake lens as it makes even a 5D Mark III quite portable and gives a bit more wider view as compared to a 50 mm prime.

Studio Lighting - As we also shoot automobiles and large interiors, we have a huge stock of Elinchrom lights with a whole lot of light modifiers. Though Broncolor and Profoto are great as well but have not really changed to any of these from Elinchrom.

Canon 5D Mark III - 70-200 f4 IS

On the other hand, while shooting Models and CEOs I generally do not use more than one light unless it's absolutely essential or I may use another light just as a fill.

These photographs have been shot with a single main light in the Studio.

Flash - While shooting outdoors I often add on a Subtle flash to fill in the shadows or the balance the light especially at twilight or for Bokeh at Night.

Canon 5D Mark III +50 mm f 1.4 with an off-camera external Flash

This interesting Composition of a Young couple for their Pre Wedding Shoot was clicked with 24-105 mm lens on a Canon 5D Mark III

The Bride was short lighted with external Speed light -RT 600 through remote trigger on Canon EOS 5D mark III with 24-105mm lens at f5. Flash works very well when not on top of the camera. With experience one can certainly understand the placement of Flash strobes and pre visualise the effect the light would have on the subject. Flash Lights are more portable as compared to the mains powered strobe lights. These are quite handy during weddings, be it during a formal setting for Bridal portraits or more on the go candid shots during the course of wedding events. 

Canon 5D Mark III  / 24-105 mm at 24 mm

It's not just the long telephoto lenses that bring out the subject by throwing the background out of focus but wide angle lenses can also be used in a very effective manner. The closer subject appears bigger in comparison to the background. Wide angle lenses do not always lead to distortion when used properly. 


(Munish Khanna Fashion Photography) how to become a model modelling tips posing guide Mon, 09 Apr 2018 12:57:07 GMT
Travel tips for all Travellers Travel tips for all - We love to travel, some do it for work while some for pleasure.

Some are single travellers while some are on their Honey moon trip just after the marriage. Some go out more often while others go just about once in a while. Some prefer to stay in their own country but others prefer to roam around the Globe. I have had a chance to fit into all of these categories from time to time. This particular post is for all the travellers, irrespective of whether they are into photography or not. On the other hand, everyone today is a Photographer, shooting with a good DSLR, mirror-less camera or a mobile.

Plan in Advance

While traveling, it always helps to plan much in advance and certainly before you make any booking. If you have done one booking, you will either have to go ahead with other bookings or cancel the one which is already confirmed. So, I would suggest that one should make the complete day to day itinerary first and then make the Bookings.

Be open to change

Once you have planned your overall itinerary, set out to book the air tickets first and the rest of the Bookings can follow based on the flight tickets. Be flexible with your travel dates as that can help you save a lot on the price of flight tickets. Tickets on the same route and to the same city can be quite a bit lower a few days here and there. changing the departure and arrival dates, while keeping the duration of your holiday almost same can help reduce the overall cost especially when you are travelling in a group.

Once the flights are booked, you can book the Hotels. The ones offering refundable bookings are a bit expensive as compared to the ones who offer non-refundable confirmations. It's always a good idea to keep a note of all the bookings separately as well as you may book through different online booking sites. Ideally, note it down in a diary instead of just noting it digitally. Most of the hotels allow you to cancel the booking up to a particular number of days before the stay. Keep a track in case you wish to make a cancelation.

Travel Cards

Multi-currency Travelcards are more economical and convenient as compared to cash and Credit cards. However, keep all options handy. I avoid withdrawing cash from ATMs while traveling abroad. Use the Travelcard, which is accepted almost everywhere. use cash for small transactions. Credit cards are good backups. In my experience, especially in Europe, it's good to have a VISA or a MasterCard as well besides American Express, which is not accepted in many places just as in India. You may inform the credit card issuer about your travel plans beforehand. To increase the limit of your credit card, you may prepay sufficient amount if funds are not a problem.

Beware of pickpockets and Frauds

They are all over, even in the most developed and modern cities. Use caution. Do not leave your bags and cameras hanging around carelessly. 

Keep it all together

It's difficult to put together all the stuff required for traveling so I have put all the essentials in a dedicated Travel Box for convenience. However, do not store items which can expire over a period of time. Locks, weighing scales, straps etc are all kept in one place.

Keep the passports with you

It's very important to keep the passports with you instead of leaving them in the hotel safe. Do keep the photocopies with yourself in case you feel it's safer to leave them in the hotel. In many European countries, it's mandatory to show the passport while shopping as you are paying through a foreign Travel or credit card.

Remember, there are more chances that you may need your medical insurance while you are not in the Hotel room. So keep it with you as it's the most important document/card which you would need in case of an emergency. 

Explore the place as a Local may have done it.

Commute by metro instead of a cab. This also lets you walk around and explore as you would be required to reach the nearest metro station. For this reason, It's worthwhile to book a good hotel which is closer to the metro station. 

Keep it light

It not only helps you move around easily but also allows you to add on while you shop around various cities you visit.

As you pack leave enough space in your bags for new purchases. Also, ensure that there is enough scope for adding the weight while returning.

Do not handover or trust anyone with your bags especially at the Airports

Well, we have all seen films and see it happening all the time in movies. Strictly keep your Bags with yourself and do not leave them unattended at any time. Do not go by the looks of the fellow travellers, especially while travelling internationally. A small negligence on your part can cost you very heavily.

Check out all the required directions

Check out the directions to your Hotel from the Airport or the railway station as the case may be. In most of the international destinations, airports are well connected through metro. Check out the popular destinations you plan to visit and work out the best directions from the Hotel you are staying at. This will give you a good idea to plan the mode of commuting and the time involved. Know the whereabouts of the embassy of your native country, just in case you need any help in case of an emergency. 

Weather Forecast

Check out the minimum and maximum temperatures Check these for the dates of your travel and not at the time of booking. You may also refer to past years weather conditions during the period of travel to get and idea. Plan your clothing accordingly. In many European countries, even if the temperature is not so low, the wind may make you feel cold. so do keep some extra warm clothes.

Go for Layers

It helps to dress up in layers. Wear a Jacket which can be taken off or the buttons opened if you feel hot. You can take off your shirt if you have another layer inside. During the same day, as you will not return back to the hotel, you will come across a huge variation in temperatures.

Carry the essentials

Carry with you al that you may possibly need in case of an emergency. Some medicines, raincoat, water bottle, some snacks, sunscreen, sun shades, Goggles.....etc. etc. based on person to person.

Be Punctual

Do not book an early morning flight if you are a lazy person unable to get up on time. Please do keep in mind that the early morning flight usually would also mean reporting 3 hours prior to that time. Add an hour to travel as well. These flights may be cheaper but do consider these factors as well. Same applies for sightseeing locations as well. There are closing times and unexpectedly long ques for you to enter inside. If you start late, you would end up having limited time, enjoying the place. 


I have noticed a lot of people documenting the live shows on their mobile phones and video cameras, may to show their loved ones back home. rather, enjoy the show and the fact that you are viewing it live over there. See it with your eyes rather than seeing through your mobile phone screens. That's why you are there. Today everything is available online but going out and seeing it all for yourself is a totally different experience. Do not dilute it by putting a Phone between the real scene and your eyes. Simply be present in the moment and be a part of that.

Carry a Backpack

It helps you to roam around with your hands-free and all the weight on the back. carry a bag which is ergonomically designed to balance the weight on the back. There are backpacks which are specially designed for the purpose of photography from brands like Lowepro, Manfrotto and Kata. Various options are available and you can choose the one which fits your photography style and the equipment that you carry around. Besides your camera, you can carry a lot of other stuff as well in the same bag. 

On your own or a Travel Agent?

A lot of this depends on the individual. Some may prefer to leave it all on the per configured tour packages with the rigidness of timings and schedule while others may prefer to be free to explore everything as per their own pace, be it fast or slow. You wish to stay longer at a particular spot, you are free to do so if you are on your own. at the same time you also need to be responsible enough in a foreign country to understand the timing and availability of public transport, closing of restaurants etc. so as to be able to manage the everyday affairs. I have always planned all my trips be in our own country or abroad all by myself, from Bookings to Visa to accommodation and everyday planning.  

Respect the local customs religion and law

This is one of the most important aspects of your travel especially if you are traveling to a country which is rigid about their religion and laws. Respect and appreciate their practices as everyone has a right and freedom to practice their faith. Respecting others is the very first responsibility of Humanity.

Do not forget the Camera!

Being a Photographer myself, this is one advice which i must give. Carry a good camera. While you travel all around the world covering so much of a distance, spending so much of time, energy and money, it's certainly worthwhile preserving all those memories on a good camera with a capability of shooting well in low light conditions as well. ( to avoid carrying a Flash ) You may opt to go for a good mirrorless camera if the weight of a DSLR is an issue. However good mobile phone cameras maybe, I somehow feel good clicking only with a camera. I use a canon 5d Mark III but you can also explore some good cameras in a limited Budget.   

Munish Khanna is an Advertising and Fashion Photographer based in New Delhi, India who travels around both for work and pleasure. He has exhibited in America, England and Australia besides India. He runs a Photography course in Delhi for photography enthusiasts and professionals. His Photography course is also available online and can help you take the first steps in taking a good photograph.

Images on this page have been sourced from pexels under CC0 licence ( Creative commons Zero Licence )

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Guidelines for posing Female Models As a Photographer, How do I pose the Models ? or what are the guidelines one should keep in mind while posing as a model.

There is no rocket science involved in posing a model whether it is for modelling or for a fashion shoot. It could even be for a simple corporate portrait or a formal portrait of a Bride. Once you gain some experience as a Photographer, it all comes naturally to you and you very instinctively guide your model, who may have been hired for a professional Fashion shoot or who may be getting her own professional modelling Portfolio made from you. In both the cases, it's very important and relevant to meet the model beforehand so as to understand her potential. Once I meet, I get an idea about the models expressions and overall body language. 

While shooting I do not have this list, which I kind of compiled for this article but these are the general parameters which are involved while a model is being photographed. The poses are also worked out on the basis of the objective you as a Photographer or a representative of your client or the Fashion designer have in mind. Sometimes posture is a part of what you wish to show or convey through your photograph, be it a look or an outfit.

How one poses can vary a lot from model to model and depends on her Body type as well to some extent. What ever the case maybe, one should not be nervous and confidently pose without getting conscious about your body. Do it naturally and with spontaneity.

Role of Hands

Using Hands affectively helps a lot in Posing. Many Models are clueless about the positioning of their hands.I generally ask my models to play around with their hands and mostly it helps. Models may not be able to make out but you should be careful in not showing absolutely flat palms which may not look very pleasing. A slightly curved hand looks better than keeping it just straight and flat towards the camera.

Photographed for New York Heritage Bags in an outdoor location around Delhi.  Best Fashion Photographer in DelhiCF039695 Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi shipra malik, top indian model photographed by Munish Khanna

Looking back over the Shoulder

A very romantic and delicate pose, works quite well to emphasise the back, especially if it's bare. It could be a backless blouse or even just a bare shoulder or Back. This can be quite a revealing shot without actually revealing at all. As a Model, you should have the right attitude and confidence to pose with a Bare back.

fashionfashionFashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india

Make the Model lie down

Somehow, I love doing this as it puts the model at ease and there are numerous possibilities of shooting her around from different angles. 

Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi


Miss Earth India 2016

Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi

fashionfashionFashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india

Makeup and Hair- Roberta by Dilshad Ahmed and Yana bypoonam Rawat


Full length Shots

Many models find it more difficult when it comes to a full length shot. Positioning the legs and balancing the body weight are key to good posing as a model faces the camera upfront. You may need to curve the body in the right manner, usually arched in an S shape helps but is not always essential. I generally tell the model to fine tune her posture by moving slightly in one direction and ask her to stop once I notice that the posture is looking appealing to the camera.

Miss Earth India 2016

Miss Earth India 2016

Just as the right placement of Hands is important, the right positioning of the legs is equally important for a Model.

Slightly bending one of the legs while suitably shifting the body weight helps a lot. It's difficult to explain and express but the following photographs will give an idea.

© munish khanna photography© munish khanna photography

Lean on to a Wall

Simply leaning against a wall helps a lot in confidently facing the camera as compared to when you are without any props or surroundings.

Miss Earth India 2016

You could even be facing the wall instead of just your back towards it.

munish khanna photographymunish khanna photography leading fashion photographer in Delhi

It does not always have to be wall behind. Something in the front or on the side like a pillar can also be used to lean on to. Munish Khanna is a leading fashion photographer of India


Be on your own

Sitting shots, but there are no props around and the model is on her own. Simple, yet interesting poses can be worked out.

Don't Hold back. Simply express

DJ Unnati

Swirl around

It works well in many cases particularly where the garment is quite flowing.

Munish Khanna - best Indian Fashion Photographer

Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi


No Eye Contact

It's generally good to have a direct eye contact in a portrait but sometimes looking away or looking down works as a good variation. While shooting a Model, I do keep in mind to have as many variations as possible. jia_0152.TIF-01771.jpgjia_0152.TIF-01771.jpg jia_0089.TIF-01708.jpgjia_0089.TIF-01708.jpg

© munish khanna photography© munish khanna photography

Holding hands above the hands is a sensual pose and requires a lot of confidence and a perfect body to carry.

Here, it was a good option to show off the outfit. 

Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi - Munish Khanna


Leaning the Body slightly forward can accentuate the upper body of the Model in a very subtle manner 

Miss Earth India 2016

Lean forward and rest on something

Best modelling portfolios in Delhi by Munish Khanna

Hold on to something

Holding on to something helps the model be more at ease. It could even be her own knee for that matter.generally, it helps one hold on and lean back.

Best Fashion Photographer in DelhiCF039615

Play around with Hair

Either you can use a fan to blow off the hair or the model can turn around towards the camera to bounce the hair.

Makeup and Hair- Roberta by Dilshad Ahmed and Yana bypoonam Rawat

leading fashion photographer in Delhi

Play around with the outfit itself

Go for a Side Profile

I usually go for good side or short lighting for the model while shooting her side profile.

Posing a Model with a Male model can be quite challenging for many Photographers.

It's important to understand and keep in mind the objective of the shoot. Is the male model equally important? Is the product being advertised or promoted equally applicable to both. Based on these aspects, poses can be worked out to give equal or more weightage to one over the other.

munish khanna photographymunish khanna photography


If you are an aspiring model looking forward to get a Modelling Portfolio made for yourself or need guidance in general as a Model, do get in touch with Munish Khanna. You can get more tips on modelling and photography as you flip through this website and also get complete details of the Portfolios being offered by Munish Khanna. 

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Behind the Scenes with Top Models Here is a compilation of videos, showcasing different Models I have photographed over a period of time. These are only from some of the shoots as many shoots are done without a Behind the scenes Video and due to a lot of work in hand, we are not able to edit the videos of all the shoots, though we do record most of our Modelling, fashion and advertising shoots.

Before we go ahead with a shoot, we discuss in detail the objective the aspiring model has in mind, before she planned to venture out in modeling or took the decision to go for a modeling portfolio. Many are just starting out while many have already made a name for themselves and would like to further refresh the looks in their portfolio. Some aspiring models are clueless as to what they are heading for. It's very important to meet and freely discuss all the aspects of a portfolio in advance and plan the shoot in accordance. The models are guided and given tips on the kind of clothes and the kind of looks that will go well with their personality so that they take a conscious decision after properly evaluating their own potential.

Different models perform differently, as they face the camera for the first time. I always meet the model, before hand to answer all his or her questions and to clear all doubts which one may have in mind in reference to modelling as a career. If you wish you can even go for a mock shoot before the actual shoot to help you build up the confidence and to understand the whole process of getting a portfolio made. during this session, I guide the model about the poses and expressions which they can go for. Aspiring models can also practice the poses and expressions on their own in front of the mirror but during this session, I am able to actually judge and help them improve their performance in front of the camera. It's totally optional to go for this session as many models approach a fashion photographer for a portfolio only a the last minute before applying for a beauty contest like Miss India or Miss India Earth.

It takes more than just sending across and submitting your photographs. You need to groom yourself and be more presentable in front of the camera. Especially for your interviews you need to gain that much needed confidence.






Diy@ Singh


Munish Khanna is one of the best Advertising and Fashion Photographer who has specially created one of the best online photography courses with a vast experience of teaching photography at his photography academy in Delhi. He has been running his Photography course in Delhi since 1993. Munish also specializes in helping young (or any age ) aspiring models to build up a career in the world of modelling and Acting. Do check out more details about the Modelling portfolios which he offers in Delhi. 

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common photography mistakes by beginners Common Photography mistakes by Beginners as explained by Famous commercial Photographer

© munish khanna photography

As a fashion and Advertising Photographer, I come across several assistants and my own students who are learning photography from me through my online and Practical Photography courses in Delhi. Some of the common mistakes these beginners make as a photographer are listed below. These are very simple yet very significant aspects of Photography which most of the amateurs ignore or overlook.

Do not get too confused with WHITE BALANCE.

While I am not advocating that you should with the wrong white balance but if you are not too sure about it, it's better to keep it at AUTO or DAYLIGHT.

If you have shot in RAW, you can certainly fine adjust the while balance on your computer at a later stage as well. "Daylight" is closest to shooting on Film and AUTO works quite fine in most of the situations.


This image has a warm cast all because it has been shot during the Golden hours of the evening. It is desirable to keep this warmth instead of opting for a technically perfect while balance.

Make sure that the Horizon is not uneven in the photographs.

It should not appear to be imbalanced except when you intentionally due to compositional reasons deliberately keep the camera at an angle for impact. However, it should never be off balance accidentally.

All modern cameras now have a balancing scale on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder itself to help you balance the horizon. The cameras also have the option of using the grid which is quite helpful in shooting interiors and if you are shooting stuff like paintings and carpets where you need to align both verticals and horizontals. 


The Horizon occupies a very small portion of the Photograph but it's extremely important to keep it straight.


It's just not fine to shoot a blurred or an out of focus image. It simply can't be corrected at a later stage so it's very important to ensure that you shoot it right.

Make sure that you have selected the correct focusing point when shooting. The focusing point must overlap the main subject and not somewhere in the background.

If you are focusing too close make sure that your subject is at least as away as the minimum focusing distance of your lens.

And focus on the eyes, when shooting a close portrait.

While the Aperture is quite open so as to get the Bokeh Effect, the eyes are where the focus is.

Both Tripod and Image stabilising modes help to avoid camera shake if you are not shooting at 1/60th of a second or higher.

The face is absolutely clear even though the rest of the body is blurred.

COMPOSITION is important and takes care of it for every image that you shoot.

It's not an easy skill to master and the rules are very relative at times from shot to shot. Follow the rules, till the time you have gained enough experience to understand the situations in which you can override the rules and the photographs still look great and in fact sometimes the photograph is good and unique because it does not follow a conventional rule.


The composition is not restricted to a photograph with a number of elements. Even a simple macro shot requires the Photographer to use his compositional skills.

Trying to get PERFECT EXPOSURE is important but not at the cost of the actual shot!

Many beginners miss the shot because they are aiming at getting a perfect exposure right there in the camera. Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong in getting the right exposure to begin with but it's also not a crime if you did not get it absolutely correct and you were a bit on the under or overexposure side.

It was often said that a self-respecting photographer while shooting on film 

Ideally, there should have been detail in the background grass as well but then that was not the Priority in this Photograph of a Model, shot in a monument. When one shoots modelling Portfolios, it's the model who is expected to get all the attention and the detail of the other areas is not really very relevant.. I am sure, unless this is pointed out, no one is going to notice it. 

Shooting on MANUAL mode does not make you a better photographer.

Shooting on APERTURE PRIORITY lets you take care of lot many other aspects of photography besides exposure. With exposure compensation, you still have all the control over perfection in situations where the camera's metering has a potential of going wrong.

Do not hesitate to shoot at a higher ISO on a good modern camera but do not let it be on a higher ISO when not even required at all.

The NOISE in good cameras these days is almost negligible and the higher ISO lets you shoot at a relatively higher shutter speed in low lighting situations.

She was photographed next to the lights of the makeup mirror at ISO 1600. 

The Two girls on a Phuket Beach were photographed at ISO 3200


This candid image in Dubai was photographed at ISO 5000



Munish Khanna is a successful Commercial Photographer practicing various genres of Photography over the last two decades. he conducts regular Photography courses and workshops in Delhi, India. 


You may also like to check out some of the Youtube tutorials on Photography.

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wide angle lenses in photography While I use lenses of all focal lengths, I do use wide angle lenses quite often in my photography.

I as a photographer have often used wide angle lenses in my photography work. Most of the photographers are very fascinated by long lenses and especially the ones with opened apertures. Not that I don't use long lenses but it's always a good idea to add variation in your own work. Wide angle lenses let you show the expanse of the location as well when used in fashion shoots, something which many fashion photographers do not go for.

Ofocurse on the street these lenses work wonderfully as well allowing me to shoot from very close to where the action is. because the lens is not really protruding too much, it lets one shoot unnoticeably and one is able to get candid street shots. Most of the photographers are of the belief that one can't get candid shots with wide angle lenses. True, that with long lenses you can be quite away and get the shots without being noticed but at the same time, the long lenses are quite prominent and its difficult that people do not notice them. Because of their size, people think of you are a professional carrying sophisticated equipment. On the other hand since the wide angle lenses are small in size, your subjects do not get too affected by the camera in your hand, as you are holding just about a camera with a small lens attached.

Wide angle lenses let you include a lot around the subject which especially work well in case of travel photography as it let's you show the place as well. It's like shooting a typical tourist attraction with an interesting subject within the frame.

Very strange ! three women and no gossip.Very strange ! three women and no gossip.

Going up close to this old man let me capture his amused looks.


This photograph of the devotees during the time of Namaz at Jama Masjid was shot with a wide angle lens.  

Wide angle lenses are quite a must in Industrial and Hotel Photography. As a commercial photographer, I have photographed a lot of industries and Hotel properties where showing the vastness is a key aspect. Wide angle lenses do emphasize the feeling space in a photograph.  

view it largeview it large

For this shot of a child paying around in Lisbon, Portugal, I just placed my camera with a wide angle on the ground level and clicked with intuition only. A tiltable screen can be quite useful for these kind of shots.

If you wish to learn Photography and the effective usage of different focal lengths of lenses, do get in touch with Munish Khanna Academy at New Delhi for one of the best photography courses. You may also opt for one of the weel structures online photography courses. 

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What makes a good modeling Portfolio What makes for a Good modeling Portfolio that gets you assignments as well.

While you trust yourself with a Good fashion photographer who also specialises in making Modeling Portfolios, set your target right, to begin with.

What kind of modeling are you planning to go for? And what kind of modeling can you actually do? Do not aim to be a model for Lingerie if you have reservations or your family would not allow you to go for it. Not that all assignments for lingerie are erotic in nature but it may be taboo for some. On the other hand, you may be fine with such modeling but you do not have the right figure to carry lingerie well. So both what you want and what you can are equally important.

Your modeling portfolio os the first true impression of yourself as a model, good or bad. It's because of your modeling portfolio, that the Advertising /modeling agency or the casting director has taken a decision to see you in person or call you for an audition. It is highly recommended that you focus on your modeling portfolio to establish your career as a model.

Your Photographer will always choose and pick up the best photographs in your portfolio. He will always suggest you carry just the right number of photographs which reflect the kind of work that you are looking for.

Many of my clients wish to add more and more photographs to their portfolio, which is in fact not a very good practice and can be more harmful than good.

The thumb rule here is - less is more!

Especially for an actor, besides good looks, it's very important to portray different characters, personality and age ranges. Your body language and expressions play a vital role here. The casting director should be able to get an idea from your photographs, about your versatility and he should be able to judge if you would fit a particular role or not. Accordingly, he or she will shortlist you for further audition or screening.

You may also opt to go for some "Polaroids" which are actually some basic shots without any makeup. However, these should also be done professionally. The biggest mistake a model can make is to include photographs shot by mobile phones and that too as selfies which usually distort the features.

There are otherwise no specific rules regarding a good portfolio but be sure that it is very professional in every sense. From shooting to the presentation.

Clear your doubts when you visit the Photographer who is going to shoot your portfolio. there are a lot of misconceptions and myths which one may come across. Feel free to discuss these before you decide to go ahead for a modeling portfolio so that you move ahead in the right direction.

Munish Khanna is a well-established photographer based in Delhi, India who has an experience in various genres of Photography including fashion Advertising and Modelling. The details of the Portfolios made by Munish are available at this link.  

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Right photographer for modelling portfolio How do I pick up the right Photographer to shoot my Modelling Portfolio?

This is one question that is always there in the mind of an aspiring model who is planning to get into the world of modelling and is looking forward to get a modelling portfolio made. There are many good photographers out there but not everyone specialises in making a good Portfolio. It's an art as it involves bringing out the very best in you. While you do not know how to pose or express in front of the camera, the photographer is there to guide you and assist you get the right shots.

The Photographer is the one who runs the show.

The makeup artist and the stylist work along  as a team with him. The Modelling Photographer alone or Collectively with his team may decide and work out the best options for you. The options which go with your personality and not just for the sake of variety.

Many aspiring models end up searching for modelling jobs or agencies which can give them work. Look for the Photographers who make good modelling portfolios instead as the immediate concern is a good portfolio and getting the modelling assignments is the next step which is based on how good your portfolio as a model is. 

Check out the work of your modelling photographer on his business website.

There are a lot of budding photographers today, who are no doubt good as well but may not be experienced enough to work with a person who is just taking his or her first steps in the world of modelling. You will see a lot of good stuff on social websites like facebook instagram etc. but make sure that the photographer you are going for has a good track record of creating good photographs.You need someone with a creative and experience eye to hide your flaws and bring out your good assets.

An amateur or a hobbyist cannot always do justice to your modelling portfolio.

Will you get us work? This is another question many aspiring models are keen to know more than they are keen to understand the process of getting a modelling portfolio made. We all love shortcuts, but let me tell you there aren't any in modelling and acting. You have to have the talent and the right looks to make it in the world of films and glamour.

Its very important to meet the Photographer before you go for a modelling portfolio.

It helps understand everything better. You can check out the Photographer's work and have a look at the studio as well. The Photographer can guide you if you need to make any changes or you are not really ready for a portfolio as yet. This is not possible if you meet the Photographer just on the day of the shoot.

Ensure that your photographer understands, if you are targeting a specific Modelling contest or a Beauty pageant. These Beauty Pageants may have specific rules and guidelines so your portfolio must include the photographs on those lines.

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High fashion lingerie photography Lingerie photography featuring a fashion model by Munish Khanna.

Shooting Lingerie can be quite challenging especially when you are shooting an editorial or an advertisement and not simply for e-commerce. The follow photographs were shot in our photography studio itself on location. Due to the intricate workmanship in lingerie products, detailing is very important. Although the lighting is supplemented by artificial studio lights, it is kept as natural as possible.

Decided to go for a side profile here to show the fine detail on the side. It's always a good idea to highlight the most important part of lingerie in Advertising Photography.  Short lighting helps accentuate the lace. All thses images were shot on Medium format Mamiya with Phase one digital back. 

 Candid Photographs shot in between generally add to the profile. 


The reflection at the bottom is on the windscreen of the car. 

Especially for modelling portfolios, we have set up various backdrops on the terrace of our studio. This is one of them with an old rusted cycle and tyres. It worked quite well with this Sports Bra.


Munish Khanna is a Delhi based fashion photographer who regularly shoots lingerie as part of his fashion and Advertising photography projects.

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bodyscapes Shooting a Nude can be quite interesting especially when you make it look artistic. It's a nude yet it's not vulgar at all. Bodyscapes draw a parallel from landscapes. When we talk about Fine art Photography, we may be talking about landscapes or Bodyscapes, that is Nude Photography. Creative Nude photography involves good skill of mastering and controlling the Light and hence the shade on a Human Body. The presence and Absence of light reveal the Nude body, the way the Artist, here the Photographer looks at it. The manner in which the light falls on the Body highlights the shapes, contours and form which all exist together on the Photographer's canvas.

Though these photographs have been shot with a digital camera the approach is always very simple with no manipulation at all. On the other photograph, any good photograph is always manipulated by the choice of camera angles and lenses used. A good creative photographer only shows what he wants to show and the rest, that exists but is not a part of his creative imagination is never captured on the film...sensor now a days. So, for a creative artist, all manipulation, if we call it manipulation, happens within those split seconds when he releases the shutter as he looks at a particular pose under a particular light, a single light in these photographs. 

Faces express. The eyes draw the attention.  While the Nudescapes here do not show the face, there are no other props around but just the body under the light.   I have exhibited the Nudes that I have shot in various exhibitions around the Globe. Continue to Check out more visually creative Bodyscapes.


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Fashion Photographer's team As a Fashion Photographer, Munish Khanna has come across different situations where he has been required to work with stylists and makeup artists and ofcourse the models. As he does advertising work as well, it gets very important to discuss in length the exact requirements of the Brand and the advertising agency involved. To make your work simpler and have everything flowing smoothly during the shoot, it's relevant to discuss and put your point, which may in many cases be the clients objective, clearly to your Fashion or Advertising Photography team.  Best Fashion Photographer of Delhi – Munish Khanna

The STYLIST- In general if you are creative enough and are working with a Fashion designer, you may not need one. However, having a stylist on the set reduces your stress and lets you concentrate on your photography. A good stylist will coordinate between the client and the model and the makeup/hair artist keeping you in the loop. Even if the stylist is very talented, do not forget that you have to take the final call regarding the look of the model as you are the one who is looking through the viewfinder and know how she is appearing at the final moment. 

The MAKEUP AND HAIR stylist - Do not compromise on the team that you work with. The makeup artist should be able to understand your brief and give his /her inputs accordingly. Many a times the artists give you a lot a variety in make up and hair to show their versatility but discuss with your artist that it is important to do the make up and hair which compliments your model and makes her look better. It should also go with the look of the outfits she is wearing. Less variations but done well is better. Never do a hairstyle or makeup which does not suit on your model. If you are unsure, you may use softwares to check if a certain hairstyle will look good on your model or not. Sometimes the client may specify a particular hairstyle but you do need to intervene and tell the client if it will not work. Best Fashion Photographer in Delhi

The MODEL -  Its all a team work. A good and cooperative model can take your concept further by adding his or her own style and personality to it. If you try the same concept with two different models there is a chance that both images will look quite different, Although one model may have performed better but if you look at the images independent of each other, they have a place for themselves.

The FASHION DESIGNER- Do check out the earlier shoot done by the designer. Has he approached you because he was not happy with his earlier shoots or he is just looking for a change and a different style of shooting. check his designs and discuss the kind of pictures he likes and dislikes. Discuss what exactly is he looking for so that you can deliver it accordingly. What is good for you may not be for him...

The TARGET AUDIENCE- Everything is aimed at an audience so shoot accordingly... If the designer is targeting at the elite class, it should appeal to them other wise if it's for online sales, your approach would be different. For online sales, your concern would be to follow the industry standard specifications but when doing the same shoot for an advertising campaign or for a fashion magazine editorials you may have more freedom to express your creativity and at times give your additional inputs in coordination with the art director.

Munish Khanna - best Indian Fashion Photographer Fashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Fashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Satya Paul sareesSatya Paul sareesFashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Fashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Fashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india Fashion Photography by Munish Khanna, new delhi, india

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Still I rise... "From an army wife to a martyrs wife.. a shock!! But bouncing back to take charge of life as a mother.. the journey from homemaker to army officer to Mrs India 2017...makes me look back and shudder but gives me immense pride to take on life with full force..  In every weak moment I used to derive strength from within.. finding inspiration from my own set backs.. no blames to destiny no more crying it was my part which I played like everyone else is playing theirs. 

Being a pageant winner made me shine with confidence.. today I take that extra pride of setting my feet in a field alien to me!! Its just fun to experience this too.. 

And getting my portfolio done with Munish was cherry on the cake.. the experience was fabulous and with the outstanding pics clicked I feel more confident. I enjoyed my shoot with him thoroughly and would keep going back to him to capture the glam in me 😀. " - Shalini Singh 

© munish khanna photography

Munish Khanna is an Advertising and Fashion Photographer who has specially created one of the best online photography courses with a vast experience of teaching photography at his photography academy in Delhi. He has been running his Photography course in Delhi since 1993. Munish also specializes in helping young (or any age ) aspiring models to build up a career in the world of modelling and Acting. Do check out more details about the Modelling portfolios which he offers in Delhi.

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How early should you book your wedding photographer? The simple answer is - As early as Possible. Now how early is "as early" :-) ?

Well, it's a good idea to book your wedding photography team as early as one year. Just like your wedding venue, good photographers get booked very early and it gets difficult to book good ones at a later stage as they are already booked or their good resources are no longer available. 

Just like other good wedding Photography companies, Together we Rock also does not employ all resources on a salary basis and keeps them on their panel to ensure that you get the best talent based on your interest and budget. For example, if you need an extra large LCD Panel, it is outsourced from a renting company. A specialized photo printer may be outsourced to ensure that you get the right stuff.

However, to ensure consistency, we have invested in regularly used Photography and cinematography equipment like full high definition video cameras, High-resolution Photography cameras, Premium Lenses, Drones and other lights and infrastructure. The key Photographers and cinematographers are a part of main Together We Rock team but some assistants may be working with us on a part-time basis.

For a wedding, in case we need a large number of photographers and cinematographers just like any other company, we may also need to outsource the resources. Sooner you book us, sooner we are able to block the dates of the most talented Photographers and cinematographers who freelance for weddings. We also block the dates of good and reliable assistants.

We do not outsource video editing and album designing which is done by our own in-house staff only as it requires constant monitoring along with your inputs and feedback. "wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" "wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" "wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" "wedding photographers in delhi", "wedding photography in India","Destination weddings", "Best wedding photography and video in India" last pagelast page wedding photography by "Together we rock"


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