Why a Wacom Pen for Photography and Digital Imaging?

Software like Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Lightroom® recognize when you’re using a Wacom pen and deliver important capabilities you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Why pressure sensitivity?

Wacom’s pressure-sensitive pens are recognized in the two dozen or more tools and brushes in Photoshop (the list is growing with each release). From the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush to Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers, you can dynamically adjust color temperature, exposure, tone, contrast, and most other features, all by how lightly or firmly you press your pen to the tablet. Your creative edits and enhancements will look more natural and organic using a pressure-sensitive Wacom pen. Explore the tutorials and see for yourself.

Feel like you’re working directly on the image!

Making selections and editing along the natural contours of an image are some of the toughest things to master in Photoshop. However, with the Wacom pen it feels natural, much more like you’re working directly on the image. You’ll work faster and with much more control. Check out how in thesetutorials from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).  Whether you are working with landscapes or editing portraits, you’ll appreciate the precision and how natural and comfortable it feels to work with a Wacom pen tablet.

Blending images together?

Dropping in a more dramatic sky? Bringing in new visual elements? Or maybe you’re shooting solely for your after capture, photo-editing process. Using a Wacom pen makes it easy to mask specific areas of an image and control the opacity of the blend by pressing harder or lighter with the pen tip. The results you achieve are authentic, natural, and organic looking. The same results are extremely difficult and time-consuming to achieve without pressure-sensitivity and the direct-on-image feel of a Wacom pen.

Which Wacom is right for you?

Many professional photographers and skilled photo enthusiasts have already adopted pen input and discovered a more natural way to edit images. Find the Wacom pen tablet that can help you realize your potential as a photographer and an artist. Check out the Intuos line of professional pen tablets or explore the Cintiq interactive pen display, and then get the most from Photoshop.

 Discover how Photoshop CS6 simplifies adding pressure sensitive control to brushes through the use of pressure control buttons located in the Option Bar. In this video, we cover bristle tips, erodible tips, and air brush tips.

 Corey Barker, of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, shows a handful of Photoshop tips for portrait photographers with a pressure-sensitive Wacom product such as an Intuos pen tablet or Cintiq display. Corey explores blemish removal and defusing shine on skin with a pressure-sensitive pen.