creativity regularity assignment Performance comments        
Piyush B+ / A A+ yet to submit satisfactory

Very hard working and regular. Is very clear about the concepts. Has shown a lot of improvement since he has joined the course. Will certainly perform better in days to come and achieve your objectives.

Rajinder B Not too regular Not satisfactory Not satisfactory          
Urvesh B Not regular for unknown reasons Not satisfactory Not satisfactory You have come all the way from mauritius to learn photography but it seems you have some other priorities, which is why you are not very regular. You do have ideas and concepts but lack the spirit to execute them. Please work hard towards photography.        
Abhay B+ A+ Not satisfactory Not satisfactory I expect much more from you. Much much more than this because you have the talent but probably are not making the best use of it.        
Sowmya A B+   Not satisfactory You are very creative but need to devote much more time to photography. If you devote more time i am sure you can do some very good pictures.        
Harjit B Regular but late   Not satisfactory You are hard working and dedicated but goof up on the controls. You tend to make things more complicated even when things are very simple. You work hard but probably you are not working hard in the right direction.        
Hemu - - - - I need to see your images before i can take you further ahead.        
Rishabh B A+ Not done Not satisfactory You are very hard working and dedicated but need to concentrate more and        
Arjun A A+   satisfactory Just started but started very well. I am impressed with the assignments submitted so far. You are creative and do have the potential. Just follow the course and the assignments - you will certainly make it big in photography.        
Aditi B+ A+   -          
Manish sinha A+ A+ Very good whenever executed excellent

You have the potential and the spirit to go ahead. Within a short span of time i am sure you will be able to achieve your targets and i hope and wish for the same. Technically you are quite sound and have good equipment. concentrate more on the creative side of your work which can be improved. This does not mean that right now it is not creative but there is always scope for more creativity. Whenever, you have executed the assignments you have shown very good results. Besides looking at the commercial angle (there is nothing wrong about it) try to get more and more artistic as well ( once again - does not mean that you are not artistic right now but expectations are high from you :-)


Kiran A A+     Definitely very promising. I am waiting to see some wok you have done after the course.        
Divya A A+     Definitely very promising. Your images from your recent holiday have improved a lot. You do have a very good eye and a bit more practice with your equipment will certainly take you ahead.